Wuling Journey, a commercial/family vehicle

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In many second – and third-tier cities, families have a relatively large population and their relatives live close to each other. Therefore, many families often need to face the multi-purpose scenario of a car after buying a car. At this time, it is obvious that traditional cars or SUVs cannot meet the demand.Wuling, as an automobile company, makes what the users want, has gained insight into the pain points of such consumers’ car buying and launched wuling journey that can meet a variety of needs. Then how does it achieve this goal?First of all, let’s take a look at the appearance of the journey. The front face uses wuling family design. The large black middle net is connected with the headlights on both sides, which looks very harmonious.The body is given priority to with straight lines, outline the outline of the square shape.In addition, Wuling Journey also launched a variety of body colors, to the greatest extent compatible with different preferences of consumers.Entering the car, Wuling Zhengcheng uses a symmetrical layout, the design is relatively simple, beige and black splicing brings more household flavor.The high-volume model is equipped with a multimedia touch screen, which provides mobile phone connectivity, Bluetooth connection, reversing video functions, etc., making it more convenient in the process of driving.Of course, the above design and configuration is more icing on the cake. The biggest selling point of Wuling Journey is its extraordinary versatility, which can not only meet the needs of family, but also take into account the use of commercial vehicles.The size of the car is 5150*1840*1895mm, wheelbase reaches 3180mm, forming a “5 square 5 meters” space, such abundant interior space, whether as a passenger car or a commercial vehicle can be perfect balance.Wuling Journey provides 2 sealed window panels and 7/8/9 layout options.If you are an entrepreneur, the family already has a passenger car, then select two sealed Windows version can help you share a lot of loading task, in addition to the front two seats, the rest of the space can be used to transport goods, capacity of 5000 l, can not only help their freight, free time can also gues-star part-time job, earn some extra money.If wuling Journey is used as a passenger car, the three layouts can also be differentiated.For example, the traditional 7-seat layout of 2+2+3 is very suitable for families. There are two independent seats in the second row, which can provide better comfort for long-distance ride. In addition, there is still a considerable capacity of the trunk when the three rows are fully open, and there is no problem to load the luggage of the family.If it is for the purpose of carrying people, such as used as a scenic area shuttle bus or transport employees from the work area to and from the residential area, the demand for luggage transportation is not so big, can choose 8-seat and 9-seat models.In addition, the luxury operating version of the car is also equipped with a series of safety equipment, such as body stability system, traction control, brake assistance, for driving safety to add a guarantee.In terms of power, the whole wuling Journey is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine, and the transmission system is matched with a 6-speed manual transmission. The maximum power is 108kW, the peak torque is 250Nm, and the average fuel consumption per 100km is only 7.6L.While delivering good performance, it also delivers excellent fuel economy.In addition, this powertrain has appeared in many Wuling products, and its stability has been fully certified. The huge amount of storage makes it cheap in terms of maintenance.To sum up, Wuling Journey is absolutely superior in diversity, and it is because wuling Journey has launched a number of models targeted at market segments that consumers have more choice space.If you currently need a vehicle that can be used for multiple purposes, the Wuling Journey is a great choice.