The south side of zhonghua Road bridge and the east side of northwest road were dismantled

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Along with the loud boom, the excavator arm waving, “sizzling” sound of electric drill and “ding-ding-dang” sound of knocking, located in ganjingzi District zhonghua Road bridge south, east of the northwest road block in a storage company’s illegal construction is being dismantled in an orderly manner.There is a clear division of labor on site and the operation is efficient. The merchants in the site are cleaning up the last debris by themselves.Since March 18, the district urban management law enforcement Bureau and the Paoya street office jointly launched the special rectification action on the south side of Zhonghua Road bridge and the east side of Northwest Road, and completed the illegal construction demolition, site formation and new functional area division in the plot on March 25, completely solving the historical legacy problems that have plagued many years.What’s the harm?Low-lying land in the remediation area is prone to water accumulation. In the remediation site, there are private water and electricity pipes, small kitchens, wood for heating, and exposed gas tanks everywhere around the board house.”It’s a huge fire hazard with all this clutter lying around.”District city management law enforcement bureau Bubble Ya stationed in charge of law enforcement brigade said, not only that, the remediation area low-lying, once in typhoon, flood and other weather, housing leakage, sewage back irrigation, personnel need emergency evacuation, here security risks, although in previous years have been centralized renovation, but the effect is limited.This is a difficult problem that always exists in the area of Bubble Cliff, but it is also a problem that we actively promote and are determined to help relevant enterprises completely solve.The district Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau focuses on the demands of enterprises and optimizes the business environment. Law enforcement personnel actively carry out a series of procedures such as investigation and evidence collection of illegal construction, on-site investigation and planning identification, comprehensively investigate potential safety hazards and accurately solve the problems of enterprise development.Because the land is divided into many rental, law enforcement officers to take household “one to one” service way, one by one merchant to communicate, carry out legal publicity and rectification persuasion work.District urban management law enforcement Bureau and Paoya street office held a special work deployment meeting, clear demolition target tasks, in accordance with the procedures to prepare for the demolition, and formally carried out demolition on March 18.How to do after unauthorized demolition?After illegal construction and demolition, intensive dust suppression nets will be used to cover the removed exposed plots according to local conditions, so that the bare soil will be “green” and “green” to the people.At the same time, the functional areas will be re-planned according to the functions of mechanical and electrical equipment, construction equipment, municipal engineering, temporary material storage and other functions, so as to change the management mode and improve the value of land use.In the whole process of renovation, law enforcement officers actively introduce the planning layout after renovation to the merchants, which increases their confidence and sense of expectation to a certain extent.At the same time, the district urban management law enforcement Bureau and the main leaders of the Paoya Street track the progress of renovation every day, focus on key problems, for households with production and living difficulties, and actively coordinate solutions with relevant departments;At the same time, strengthen construction safety supervision, to comprehensively ensure the safety and stability of illegal construction demolition period;Increase dust control efforts, daily sanitation sprinkler site sprinkling dust, garbage truck will be timely removal of construction waste, minimize the impact on the surrounding environment and residents’ lives.From March 18th to March 25th,The one-week campaign involved 216 people, 14 truck cranes, 7 wheel loaders, 7 crawler excavators, 145 dump trucks, more than 1,160 tons of garbage, 720 square meters of steel structures and 3,900 unauthorized construction of light body structuresMore than 470 square meters, brick structure illegal construction.Up to now, the illegal construction of the plot has been completely dismantled, the land leveling project has been advanced in an orderly manner, and the living order of merchants has been guaranteed. In the near future, with a scientific layout and a new image, it will comprehensively improve the environmental quality of the area and realize the upgrading of the urban environment.Peninsula Morning Post, 39 degrees video reporter Li Shesheng