Jinan traffic police advocate citizens to handle traffic violations through traffic management 12123, attached guidelines

2022-06-24 0 By

Recently, the situation of COVID-19 prevention and control is grim. In order to minimize the gathering of people, reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic and effectively protect the health of you and your family, Jinan traffic police have called on citizens to handle traffic violations through the mobile phone 12123 of the Traffic management bureau.The second step: after downloading, click on the upper right corner of the main page “not logged in” button.First register the relevant real information, and mobile face recognition can be completed after the registration, and enter the login interface.If the owner of the vehicle under his name, no record, vehicle and driver information will be generated automatically.(The registered mobile phone number should be consistent with that of the driver’s license in the system, if not, please go to the vehicle management department to change).Step 3: After registration and filing according to the above steps, click the “Motor Vehicle” button on the upper left of the main page to select the motor vehicle to be disposed of. If there is any illegal record, click “Dispose” and follow the instructions.2. The first step of dealing with traffic violations by motor vehicles not registered under my name: After registration in accordance with the above steps, click “Record of motor vehicles not registered under my name” and operate as prompted.1, open the record owner 12123 upper left corner of the motor vehicle is the second method is SMS verification record: 1, open the message verification record timely input to record the binding vehicle information 2, obtain the verification code sent to the owner of the timely input 3, enter the verification code after the photo face verification waiting for audit.Step 2: After the registration is completed, click “Illegal Processing” and select the non-self-registered motor vehicle to deal with traffic violations.Note: 1. The driver who puts his or her motor vehicle on record can only deal with the traffic illegal business generated after the vehicle is put on record;Traffic illegal business shall not be handled before the filing.2. One person can be bound to three cars, and one car can be bound to three people, excluding the owner.If you have any questions, please call 0531-66666122.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!