Women’s 1500m short track speed skating: Han Woo-tong qualified for group A final as South Korea broke an Olympic record

2022-06-23 0 By

Short-track speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games ended on February 15.In the first women’s 1500m semifinal, China’s Han Yutong smoothly advanced to group A final, Zhang Yuting, Zhang Chutong failed to group A final.Choi Min-jeong of South Korea has set a new Olympic record.The semifinals are divided into three groups, with the top two and the fastest third in each group qualifying for the Group A final.China’s Zhang Chutong started in the first group, along with Italy’s fontana, South Korea’s Lee Yoobin, Kim Yarang, Canada’s Boutin and other players.After the race began, Zhang Chutong chose to skate in the last, and the Korean skater led the race. Zhang Chutong accelerated and skated to the front, and then the skaters kept changing. With four laps left, Zhang Chutong withdrew from the competition due to physical exhaustion, and finally Li Yobin and Fang Tana won the top two of the group and qualified for the final of Group A.Zhang Chutong finished seventh with a time of 2:26.717.Han and Zhang started in the third group, with South Korea’s Cui Minjing, Canada’s Salo and other players.After the start of the race, China’s Zhang Yuting skated in the front half of the team, with Han in a relatively backward position, Zhang yuting remained in second place with six laps to go, closely following Saro.There are 2 laps when Cui Minjing came to the fore, Han Yutong followed Cui Minjing, and finally they crossed the line before and after.Choi min-jeong set an Olympic record of 2:16.83 and Han Woo-tong qualified for group A after finishing second in her group.Zhang Yuting crossed the line sixth, out of group A final.The Winner of the 1,000-meter race, Dutch johan Schuerting and Belgian Johan Demme also made it to the final of Group A.