The Women’s Committee of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau carried out the activity of “donating clothes and sending warmth”

2022-06-23 0 By

In order to promote the positive energy of mutual help and dedication of love, recently, the women’s Committee of the city emergency Management Bureau carried out the “donate clothes to send warmth” activity.Before the event, the women’s Committee of the Municipal Emergency Bureau carried out extensive advocacy of love, called on the whole world to lend a helping hand, donate idle clothes and daily necessities at home to the five guarantees, the elderly and other groups.Donate a piece of clothing and a piece of love.After the women’s Commission issued the notice of advocacy, under the leadership of the bureau, the cadres of the bureau responded positively, and grassroots units such as the information center, comprehensive law enforcement detachment and fire protection center donated enthusiastically.More than 100 pieces of clothes, sheets and shoes were received during the event. On the basis of careful registration, the women’s Committee members packed and delivered the clothes for donation.These clothes are donated by the women’s Committee of the bureau and the working team in the village to ensure that each piece of clothing can directly reach the hands of people in poverty alleviation, disabled people in the community, elderly people, sanitation workers and other people.A piece of clothing, a warm;A piece of love, a touched.City emergency bureau party cadres with practical actions to interpret the heart of the masses, serving the people’s initial mission.