Yu Hui-yong and Shi Guang-nan, the modern opera singing design of Peking Opera revolution, Yu out-performed Shi and won last

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The model Opera of Peking Opera and the modern revolutionary opera are the products of the ten-year Cultural Revolution, during which a lot of excellent works have been created. These works have both traditional Peking Opera art and western music characteristics, which is a successful innovation.However, yu Huiyong and Shi Guangnan are inseparable from the singing design of Peking Opera model opera and revolutionary modern opera.So how do these two compare?First, in terms of talent.Yu used to work at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, then transferred to the Shanghai Peking Opera To participate in the creation of Peking Opera model and revolutionary modern opera.Yu hui-yong participated in the creation of “The Taking of Tiger Mountain”, “Cuckoo Mountain”, “Ode to The Dragon River” and other works, and these works are still classics today, especially his design of singing and music is beyond.Shi Guangnan is a famous musician. It is well known that he created such excellent works as “On the Field of Hope” and “Playing the tambourine and singing”.In fact, he has also played an important role in the singing design of Peking Opera. He was once seconded to Shandong Peking Opera to participate in the singing design of the revolutionary modern drama Red Cloud Gang, in which he has integrated Western Musical Instruments and Yimeng minor.But in general, this play “Red Cloud Gang” is far less influential than “The Taking of Tiger Mountain”, “Cuckoo Mountain”, so from the artistic level of swimming skills will be better.However, the outcome of these two people is not the same, although at the meeting of the yong red extremely at that time but the outcome of the lonely, “cultural revolution” after the meeting of the yong wrote down 170,000 words of the review, also is to take lysu water to leave eventually.But Shi Guangnan continues to create music, and created a lot of popular works!