“Representative and member style” Zhang Yingjun: To fulfill their duties and accelerate the green upgrading of the industry

2022-06-22 0 By

Shanxi Guiyuan Casting Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern manufacturing enterprise integrating production and sales, the main products are motor castings, the enterprise development has gone through 10 years, as the county CPPCC member, general manager Zhang Yingjun has been a firm leader of enterprise transformation.From the original artificial modeling, poor production environment, to today’s mechanization, automated production, the company’s development is inseparable from zhang Yingjun’s innovation and development.In 2016, Zhang Yingjun became a member of the county CPPCC. He knew that fulfilling duties is a compulsory course for members. Only by constantly improving his own quality and strengthening his ability to perform duties can he fulfill his new mission.In recent years, Zhang Yingjun’s proposal has been based on their own, committed to promoting green upgrading of the foundry industry.’Only by sticking to innovation-driven development can we unleash the vitality of development,’ he said.A new journey gives birth to a new mission, zhang said, he will continue to closely focus on the overall situation of development to fulfill their duties, and continue to contribute wisdom and strength.(Comprehensive report of Pingyao Rong Media Center)