Wuling journey 5 meters long can be home + business + goods

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A lot of people are considering to buy Buick GL8 to commercial, but buick GL8 pricing is relatively high, it is more suitable for which has a firm foothold in the market to choose the enterprise boss, and is not suitable for entrepreneurs or ready to start a business.So for these entrepreneurs, buick GL8 can be put down and consider wuling’s new commercial vehicle, Wuling Journey, which redefines the commercial vehicle.In terms of pricing, Wuling Journey is a model for most people, with a price range of 75,800 to 90,800.In fact, Wuling Journey is divided into the category of “Thousands of lines and industries of new equipment” by Wuling, and wuling Journey is also in this category.The so-called “new equipment for thousands of lines and thousands of industries” is the model created by Wuling for entrepreneurs. In addition to wuling’s consistent high-quality workmanship and user-friendly pricing, these models also make a breakthrough in practicability and are more suitable for entrepreneurship.It is not an empty talk that Wuling Journey is suitable for entrepreneurship. This car has been optimized for entrepreneurship in terms of body size and interior space.In terms of size, Wuling Journey has a length of 5150mm, a wheelbase of 1840mm, and a wheelbase of 3180mm.This size is already a relatively good level among models at the same price, which makes the interior volume of this car exceed 5 cubic meters. No wonder the official positioning of Wuling Journey is “super-large space wide-body commercial vehicle”. Indeed, it has two characteristics of large space and wide-body with the help of size.In terms of seat layout, Wuling Journey provides 2-seater window-sealing cars with 7, 8 and 9 seats in total. Among them, 8-seater and 9-seater models are upgraded based on the original 7-seater models.Among them, the rear seats of the two windowed cars were legalized and removed, so as to enhance the loading capacity of the trunk and make the trunk volume of the car reach 4882L.Such interior volume is obviously suitable for pulling goods and can easily become a city logistics vehicle/transport vehicle.Injury and 7, 8, 9 seat car is more suitable for manned, can load more passengers, in the department of travel group construction, travel agencies receive tourists and other scenes, the car’s convenience is very high.In terms of configuration, Wuling Journey has 4 models with different configurations, which are 1.5T manual comfort window-sealing car, 1.5T manual comfort car, 1.5T manual luxury car and 1.5T manual luxury operating car. They are slightly different in configuration.Here’s a look at the features available on all four models, including ABS, braking force distribution, parking radar, manual sliding doors on both sides, FRONT and rear USB ports, one-click window lift, manual air conditioning, and more.On the two luxury, configuration upgrade, to the comfort of the tire pressure alarm into the tire pressure, according to the fabric seat leather seat upgrades to more and reversing image, cruise control, the rear independent air conditioning, the rear diffuser, multi-function steering wheel, 8 inches multimedia screen, headlight delay closing, rearview mirror electric adjustment/heating, etc.Luxury operating cars further improve the configuration of driving assistance, brake assistance, traction control, body stability system, uphill assistance and other driving assistance support.In terms of power, there is no big difference between the four models. They all choose the powertrain composed of 1.5T engine +6MT transmission.The model of this engine is LJO, which is an old brand engine of Wuling. The installed capacity is relatively large in the Wuling family, which also proves the reliability of wuling journey in terms of power.The maximum power of the car engine is 147 horsepower, peak torque of 250 nm · m, performance to pull goods, passengers will not appear insufficient power.In terms of fuel consumption, the comprehensive fuel consumption of Wuling Journey is only 7.6L, equivalent to about 5 cents per kilometer. The vehicle cost is acceptable for this size model.For different consumer groups, Wuling Journey has different choices.If you buy a car just to pull goods, then the most basic Wuling journey 2 seat window sealing car can meet your needs.However, if you have high requirements for ride experience, need to receive guests, or often need to take the company staff out, then higher configuration of wuling Journey luxury, luxury operation will be more suitable for you.