The communities in Kankaili and Andranli thank the corporate volunteers for helping fight the epidemic

2022-06-20 0 By

Recently, the Party Committee of Jinkaili and Anding Communities of Xingang Subdistrict sent their sincere wishes and condolences to the Management Department of the Reconstruction project of binhai Old residential area of China Railway Shanghai Engineering Bureau Group, thanking more than ten volunteers for their support and help in nucleic acid testing.During the nucleic acid testing, the Project Management Department sent more than ten volunteers to the communities in Jinkali and Ananli to support the anti-epidemic work.They spare no effort to take temperature measurements and guide civilization, assist communities to carry out “knock on the door”, and contribute voluntary services to nucleic acid testing.The two community Party committees thank the volunteers of the enterprises for protecting the health of the people under their jurisdiction with love and demonstrating their original intention and mission of serving the people with practical actions.Source: Bincheng Times