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Expeditious and I believe that for most people is a both familiar and unfamiliar government functional departments, familiar with in a way that each person as long as you want to buy and sell the house Whether new or second-hand, all across the threshold of his, however, a bit strange at the same time, it is that most people actually impression of expeditious and just stay in home sales and housing transfer,In fact, ah, he as a kind of important state organs, the role can be more than this, today xiaobian to help you up knowledge, let you know what our real estate bureau usually tube!1. Carry out national and provincial real estate management regulations and policies, draft and formulate local real estate management measures and regulations, and organize their implementation.2. To formulate and organize the implementation of mid – and long-term plans and annual plans for the development of municipal real estate industry: to be responsible for industry statistics and industry administration.3. Responsible for the registration and administration of housing ownership in the whole city.– You say the house is yours, no, you have to register!4. Responsible for the administration of municipal real estate market transactions (real estate purchase and sale, lease, transfer, mortgage, gift, exchange, auction, inheritance, division and property analysis).– Once the house has “change”, “he” will become a traffic officer.5, examination and issuance of commercial housing pre-sale (sale) sale permit, investigate and punish the real estate market violations of discipline and law — unauthorized price increases, advance sales, “he” can only say NO, NO, NO, NO, responsible for the city’s dangerous housing appraisal management.Still want to live in the house?Let him see if he can stay.7. Responsible for the property management of the city.Property companies do not look for “him” OK.8. Responsible for the municipal real estate agency service management.9. Responsible for the management of urban residential interior decoration activities in the whole city.10. Responsible for the formulation and management of the specific implementation plan of the city’s indemnificatory housing (affordable housing, low-rent housing).– Poor family finances, he can let you have a home.Here we are not on the real estate Bureau of the function of a new understanding, but also hope that this article can let you encounter relevant problems in the future not confused, not confused circle.Quick, quick fix!