Baojun RS-3 new super vitality youth with super vitality SUV

2022-06-19 0 By

As we all know, the Spring Festival is the peak time to buy cars.This is not, just after the New Year, my cousin is going to buy a car, on the one hand to find a girlfriend age, have a car to go out dating, dating what and face, on the other hand, my cousin earned some money last year, on their own money to buy a car is also very natural.My cousin’s car budget is about 100,000 yuan, we took advantage of the New Year at home, we went to the car city to have a look.In the price of 100,000 or so, there are many models to choose from.Among them, there is a model, my cousin and I have test-driven a few laps, although there is no final decision, but it left a very deep impression.The model is Baojun’s RS-3 SOODA.I heard from the sales that the price range of this model is 69,800 to 96,800 yuan, and there is a cash discount at the terminal. In this case, even if we buy the top-equipped model, the naked car price is less than 100,000 yuan.What impressed me most about the RS-3 SOODA is that it looks amazing.Using the family design language of interstellar geometry, I test-drove the Ca-yellow Baojun RS-3 SOODA, which was visually stunning.I also learned that the car comes in six body colors: Salt white, Fun Yellow, beauty pink, geek green, milk tea, and so on, and each one looks full of energy.Such a body design and color, I think it is very suitable for generation Z consumers, my cousin also told me that if this car drive back, the head rate is absolutely great.For my test drive, I focused on the configuration and power of the Baojun RS-3 SOODA.In terms of specs, the RS-3 SOODA’s smart specs are amazing. My sales representative told me it comes with The Baojun Internet of Vehicles 2.0 system, which offers wakeup free voice interaction, remote control, online screenshots of various apps, OTA upgrades, and more.These functions, I think for young people, are very like, after all, intelligent configuration has been young people when buying a car must be an option.In terms of intelligent driving assistance, Baojun RS-3 SOODA’s ACC adaptive cruise system is also very good, which makes our trip much easier.In addition, AEB city pre-collision automatic braking is also very powerful, good urban experience.On the power side, I tried the 1.5T+CVT version, which is more than enough for a small SUV.When I drive, whether it is starting or overtaking, I can have surging power output. Due to the use of expert-level chassis adjustment, this car has less roll when cornering, and it has more security.SOODA is good for you.It’s a good car for a 10-year driver.Although my cousin did not order a car that day, after 1 night of careful consideration, the next day it drove home.The event will run from April 1, 2022 to April 1, 2022