The old woman in Henan went to the hospital twice, two sons do not want to accompany, daughter: is not want money

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On December 23, 2017, a dementing old woman lay on a tricycle, rolling up her trousers to show her swollen legs and crying about her tragic experience on a street in Xinyang, Henan Province.The old woman was hospitalized twice a month, and her two sons never came to see her once. She had to eat and drink water without being taken care of. Now she can’t walk on her legs and can only walk by tricycle.The old lady two sons but no one to visit and help, when the son how so cruel?Give birth to oneself raise oneself old niang all ignore, what’s more the old lady’s age is so big, still suffer from disease, walk is a problem, the backside of this thing is having what unknown secret after all?The woman, surnamed Li, lives in Xinyang, Henan Province. She married her husband 40 years ago and they have three children, two sons and a little girl.But her husband died young, lee alone will be three children brought up, for the children li old lady in the young when a person to do several people’s work, the home also planted the field, each time busy farming li old lady work during the day to harvest crops at night.In her old age, she was plagued by a variety of diseases. Now, even daily walking has become a heavenly difficulty. If she can’t walk, she has to be carried on her back.By this time the children should have been dutiful to Her, and she should have been enjoying her old age, but she was hospitalized twice a month.The daughter watched the mother in the hospital bed, no matter whether she was in or out of the hospital, but the two sons did not appear, only the married daughter to take care of the old lady Li, why?Did a dog take the hearts of two sons?A mother who had worked so hard to bring herself up, and now her two sons didn’t care!How does this work?When she was admitted to hospital, her daughter Wang Li took old Lady Li to the hospital because her mother’s condition had worsened. However, because Wang Li had been married and had children to manage at home, she could not accompany her mother in time sometimes.The hospital then wanted the two brothers to take turns to take care of their mother, but the two brothers did not come, and later did not even answer the phone, and did not even pick up their mother when she was discharged from the hospital. Wang Li was heartbroken that the two brothers had treated their mother like this, but what was the reason for the two sons not to take care of their mother?Sick old mother, cruel son, the cold of the world!Looking for the eldest brother and the second brother Wang Li because of the dissatisfaction of the two elder brothers, with her mother on the way to the eldest brother’s home.My way to the eldest brother, eldest brother at the gate, but the eldest brother house door has been closed, let wang li how to knock the door, the inside have no movement, wang li finally took out his mobile phone, call the eldest brother wang wei, a a phone call in the past, the other end has been went unanswered, the wang li seems to be blocked.Closed door Wang Li was forced to borrow a phone to the passers-by to call eldest brother, finally the eldest brother answered the phone, but the eldest brother said he was not at home, in the field of work, do not have things to call him.When wang Li heard this, she refused and said, “You are the eldest son, and you have no filial piety. It is true that your conscience has been snatched away by a dog.Have you ever taken any money?I think you’re hiding and afraid to come out and see me.”Call eldest brother heard his sister said that wang wei said they would go home to directly, I have a good theory theory, and the second son of li old Mrs Wang qiang had been called, brother and sister 3 people finally get together, but the full official rhetoric seems to be a flash in the air can explode, brother and sister 3 people to justice, called uncle, as a notary public,Compartmentalize parenting.The doctor called me at 9 o ‘clock in the morning and told me to come quickly. Your mother was alone in the hospital last night and didn’t eat any food this morning.Hearing this, wang Qiang said, “I have been there for five days. That day, I called you and told you two (the eldest brother Wang Wei and the younger sister Wang Li) that I would not come, and I did not leave that night. I left at 6 am.”Didn’t wang Qiang’s two sons take care of their mother?Now why does dick say he spent five days in the hospital?It turned out to be two brothers in fact, at the beginning is to discuss a good two days for everyone, but because the eldest brother too little sister did not go to a day, the eldest brother violated the agreement is not willing to keep his mother.Hospital vigil family members younger daughter sad is that night no one to take care of her mother, fortunately, the mother did not have anything, but since the second brother Wang Qiang said in that five days in the night also, why the doctor will say no one accompany li old lady?Wang Li called the doctor to ask what was going on.It turned out that wang Qiang, the second brother, had left at 6 in the morning, and the doctor had come to inspect the ward at 8. Seeing that the old lady was alone, he thought she had spent the night alone.Now it was time to talk about supporting their mother, but the two brothers Wang Wei and Wang Qiang insisted that their sister Wang Li make one thing clear before they could continue talking about supporting their mother.So how can this matter let the brothers know before they will say to support their mother?The eldest brother Wang Wei asked, “How much money is in the passbook our mother gave you? Do you want to take it for yourself?”The second brother wang Qiang said, “After you hand over the money, our mother will support me by herself!”What kind of money is it that makes two brothers like this?Wang Li said, “This money is our mother’s pension money, we can’t take it out, and it’s not my money, and I won’t ask for it. I take this money just to help our mother manage it, not to take it for myself. Isn’t that what you want now?But hearing this, the two brothers complained bitterly that their sister had not told them exactly how much money was in the bank account.After sitting aside for a long time, uncle Three could not look at it any more. Uncle Three said: “You two brothers don’t argue any more. How old are you already?Don’t think about how to cure your old niang, so that she can enjoy her old age, still talking about money!”Three uncle scold two people hear three uncle say so, the two brothers are silent for a long time, next to see the lively neighbor you a mouth I a mouth to persuade the two brothers, two people seem to understand what three uncle said.At this time, the second brother Wang Qiang said to his little sister:”This money my brother and I also want to know how much money is, no matter how much the money now, even if is a, we don’t want to, this money is for za mom cure endowment, but it raised the za mom want to change the time, before our mother is take turns to live, a 4 months, now not line, this serious now, into a 6 months at a later time.Otherwise, just as the illness may be better, they moved again, too much trouble our mother.”Move wang Qiang heard the second eldest brother said so and younger sister also agreed, the side of the three uncle also gave this thing to do a notarization, who can not violate the agreement.Mrs. Lee, who was sitting in the corner, also smiled.Smiling Old Lady Li: Money is nothing, but it can make waves.Let’s see you in the comments section. 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