“Meat daji” thin, Gjiao version of “Green Snake” online, splashing lens let me fall

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Early acquaintance with the king, “was the highest of attention after the mirror the twins a XianXia class play, the play again pushed the taboo of love to peak, this set is tried, the subject of the work often use the taboo of love to publicity, the more men and women protagonist cannot be together, the more to added a poignant love story between them and the flavor of the persistent.In fact, not only film and television plays, domestic films also know this routine.Gillian’s version of “Green Snake,” about the forbidden love between a green snake and a Taoist priest, has been released online.It is not hard to guess the direction of the story, and I believe many audiences have already guessed the end from the beginning, but it is the process that attracts audiences in such works.With gillian’s help, “Snake: The Leading Edge” naturally attracted attention, after the premiere easily won the soaring list of the first.For the network movie, the star effect is still an effective means of publicity works, especially in the network movie all choose network actor, gillian has become the film’s biggest gimmick and hotspot.Taboo love, one hundred cycles, sweet torture interweave to watch online works in between film market, it is easy to be labeled as movies right from the start, plus market between movies more in horror movies more grab an eye, fantasy has set the “green snake: front even have ejiao, does not favor too.But the more the audience lowers their expectations, the more likely it is to produce some unexpected surprises.The story of forbidden love, Green Snake: On the Front Edge, is a standard setting in its genre.And between male and female protagonists experience reincarnation, is also relatively common, not novel.But costume dramas continue to attract audiences because they are able to tell a complete story and make people feel like they are involved in it.Obviously, “Green Snake: The Leading Edge” has achieved this point, the opening is the hero to subdue the scorpion spirit as the entry point, although subdue one of the goblins, but it is only a minor, in the process of following the demon into Jiling Mountain, and was trapped by the jiling Mountain god set the mechanism.The opening scene is a strong battle between the positive and the bad, and the process of breaking the battle gives the film a layer of tomb raiding attributes. The hero murmuring the formula and looking for the door, combined with the visual impact of the whole space reversal, all make the plot in the early stage to drive the audience to continue to follow.And in the follow-up plot, the necessary reversal is not missing, not only the hero and heroine love each other, but also because the other side is a demon and against each other, as the hero knows that his master is actually just using him, master is the real villain boss, and let the hero feel guilty, save the heroine.It is expected that the relationship between the male and female protagonists will have a rift, but what cannot be predicted is that the master of the protagonist is the hidden villain. From this point of view, the setting of this reversal plot is effective, and it can also be seen that the scriptwriter is careful and careful in designing the plot.The drama of sweet and sadistic interwoven makes the overall feeling not so dull, and the sense of cp between the two people is constantly broken and rebuilt, not boring at all.Compared to the story, Green Snake on the Leading Edge is more remarkable for its special effects, although in some cases, the special effects are significantly shortened to avoid excessive effects that increase the cost and budget.But all the special effects are able to stand up to consideration, especially after the heroine incarnated into a snake python, the scales of the snake and the gloss on the scales are very realistic under the close shot.Including the pain of the green snake from the invasion of frost, with the surrounding white fog, gradually frozen ground, across the screen can make people feel a cold invasion of skin.Green Snake: The Leading Edge not only controls the pace of its storytelling, but also puts enough effort into special effects, action and other aspects to make it escape the curse of being a bad movie.Level rejuvenation in appearance, after slimming beauty of ejiao new highly the hero wewe scenes in the play is more, chose the excellent actress, film itself is to play points, than the audience not familiar with the young actors, wewe characters for emotions to control more reach the designated position, especially for green snake from unfamiliar to the deep feeling, love to cannot extricate oneself, administrative levels feeling full marks.Lin Youwei earlier starred in many film and television works, but the film and television circle of the Yangtze River after the waves push the waves before, leaving Lin Youwei’s development space is not big, the opportunity to appear in the screen is few.Although “Green Snake: The leading edge” is a big network work, but let Lin Youwei can provoke the main actor again, still contributed to their wonderful acting.But compared to the male master Lin Youwei, everyone’s focus is more on the woman Gjiao body.For Gillian, acting in a big movie is degraded resources, but her performance in “Green Snake: The Leading Edge” is very outstanding.Before this work, Gjiao had starred in “God: Daji”, is also a popular IP adaptation of the work, but Gjiao in the film state completely subvert the audience’s impression of her, and even broke the goddess filter.After the body fat gjiao was teased by the audience as “meat daji”, bloated body, exaggerated makeup, coupled with the film on the character of the magic change, even if gjiao audience edge again good, also can not block such consumption, works pu street expected.However, in Green Snake: The Leading Edge, the green snake played by her is a combination of softness and charm, and the mere splashing scene made me fall into the trap.Not only the figure than “Feng God: Daji” in a lot of thin, the audience’s bullet screen is completely brush screen, both the audience praised her good figure, but also the audience said that such a Gjiao is too charming, every frame of the picture are people do not want to miss.Facts have proven that the high level of appearance and able to bear or endure look real female star, does not need too much make-up blessing, in “god: da ji” ejiao beauty is not just be a portly figure by, cumbersome suit way and in her makeup also masks more beautiful temperament, regardless of when the adornment of these complex, ejiao like water lotus of appearance in the water, very beautiful.After slimming down, Gillian’s appearance level has obviously recovered, and her beauty has reached a new height again. She can stand the camera’s dislike of her face, and her body looks less bloated under the camera’s whole body.And acting this is more brilliant Gjiao, also really with this work to prove their own strength, good audience edge plus her appeal, is gjiao open the network big movie market password.”Green Snake: The Leading Edge” undoubtedly lets us see more possibilities of online movies, even the popular IP adaptation, is also expected to be because of the orderly telling of a story, the right cast.