The old man selling vegetables in the street late at night, lead the whole network love dearly!Netizens quickly set up a group

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“This 200 yuan is from Mr. Wang in Shijiazhuang.””This hundred was given to you by a little girl in Guangdong.””This 200 yuan is from a precious mother in Xi ‘an.””This 500 is from Ms. CAI in Ningbo, Zhejiang province.””This 100 is a big sister in Chongqing gave you, she specially asked me not to say the name.”…▲ The old man sells vegetables in the street late at night.Recently, a video uploaded on the Internet shows a skinny old man selling vegetables on the street at night.He had white hair and was thinly dressed.The streets of Chengdu are not crowded in the early hours of the morning. To wait for customers, he sometimes has to wait until 2 or 3 am to go home.Because of the distance from home, sometimes the vegetables are not sold, he will find a shelter to sleep in the street.Such a scene, let many netizens feel distressed.In order to let the elderly go home to have a good rest, no longer out of the rush, many people gave their love.For the net friend’s love, the old man expressed thanks.The old man sold vegetables late at night to help his sick daughter and grandson, but he said his life was “passable”.Mr. Jiang, the video photographer, released 12 videos that recorded the whole process of the elderly selling vegetables.In the video compilation entitled “Old Man in Midnight”, the old man basically sells vegetables at 12 PM and 1 am.The old man was thin, with white hair and scanty clothing.When there was no one to buy vegetables, the old man would take out his bench and sit on the edge of the street, resting with his head down. “I need to shout several times to wake up.”On the evening of March 24th, the old man sold vegetables in the street.Sometimes he did not eat, sell vegetables, he took out the iron box, heated food with alcohol, make do with two bites.Seeing the customer approaching, he quickly put down the iron box and greeted the customer.Who does late-night grocery shopping?In the first two videos posted by Mr Jiang, the elderly man was not accompanied by any customers.As the video continues to be released, more and more people pay attention to it, and the elderly business is gradually “booming”.According to Mr. Jiang, he works in a restaurant and gets off work late.Located under an overpass near Xidan Shopping mall in Chengdu, it is the only way he must go home.Every time he passes by after work and sees the old man still selling vegetables, he feels very distressed, “because my grandfather is the same age as him.”Mr. Jiang choked up several times while filming the video.Mr Jiang’s series of videos of elderly people has received more than 300,000 likes and a total of 15 million views.He said the old man sold vegetables late at night because he had a sick wife at home. “His grandson has a disability, so he sold vegetables to make a living.”Perhaps because of their empathy, netizens were unable to recover for a long time, and many people wanted to help the elderly.Mr. Jiang said that since the video went viral, many people have transferred money to him, and he has brought more than 3,000 yuan of money to the elderly.On March 20, after the last video went viral, thousands more people wrote to him, “If you calculate 100 yuan for each person, the amount of love money will exceed 100,000 yuan.”But he refused.Now some netizens have set up a support group, which has nearly 200 members at present.▲ The old man street selling vegetables, enthusiastic net friends to take care of business.Mr. Jiang said that he was also moved by the enthusiasm of netizens. “I didn’t expect it would be so popular. I felt that a little power can be a big power.”He was proud of having helped the old man.Dialogue with the elderly: “get by”, efforts can solve the difficult situation of the elderly?Is it true that old people have no family?With these questions, on the afternoon of March 24, red Star news reporter dialed the old man’s phone.The old man spoke loudly on the phone.That reporter wants to interview condolence, he declined politely, “I have money to use, also can get by.”Although there are difficulties at home, he can solve them now with his own efforts.The reporter learned from the old man’s mouth, his name is Zhu Yongqing, 81 years old this year, living in Chengdu Wenjiang Fenshui Huihe village.With two daughters at home, he has a monthly pension of more than 4,000 yuan and his wife has a pension of more than 1,000 yuan. “My life is totally bearable.”Let him worry about, is his eldest daughter’s family.”My eldest daughter had a high fever when she was a child and her brain was burnt out. She is a disabled person and her spirit is not good,” the old man told reporters.She also has a son who has polio, and “wasn’t very well, so I always wanted to do more to help them.”He said that when his grandson was born, the midwife told him he was “no good” and “asked if we could handle it?”Zhu yongqing and his wife thought this was a life, so they stayed.Now, the grandson is 22.Because the eldest daughter is not in good spirits and the eldest son-in-law is busy making a living, the grandson is brought up by him and his wife.”The country is so good that he (his grandson) has more than 1,000 yuan every month.The brigade sees our difficulties and comes to visit us every year. They have money and rice and are very grateful to the country.”In addition to the eldest daughter’s family situation is not good, the old man said he sold vegetables because he could not spare time, “I can work, but also like to work, I am not easy to play.”He told reporters that he suffered from rheumatism, “playing the pole on the heart pain.”Since the family still had some land, he managed to grow vegetables to sell.He takes care of the vegetable fields during the day and drives an electric tricycle from Wenjiang to sell vegetables in the city at night.Over 10 kilometers, “I can ride 35 minutes faster, and an hour slower.”Sell them and go home.The old man told the Red Star news reporter that he had met many kind people when he sold vegetables. “Some people asked me not to change the money when they bought vegetables, saying, ‘You are so old, it is not easy to sell dishes.'”Recently, after he became popular on the Internet, more people care about him, “in addition to taking care of business, but also deliver milk, rice, oil.”Someone even bought a whole car of vegetables, just to get him home early.▲ Rice, oil and milk sent to the old man by netizens.Some people give money to the old man, “I said I don’t want it, that I can get by, have money to use, just like to work.””The old man said, but they didn’t listen.” Stuff the money and run, or throw it to me and run.”He thanked everyone for their kindness, “They love me so much. They treat me like an old man of their own. They say I am old and give me money to stop selling vegetables.”In his opinion, his life is ok, people should not give him money, he repeatedly told reporters: “I feel embarrassed, really embarrassed, other people’s money is also hard earned.”The old man did not sell vegetables all the year round, “sometimes in poor health, and did not sell.”Last September, just after he planted the vegetables, he fell ill and was hospitalized, “twice.”After being discharged from the hospital, he saw that food could be sold, and he was restless. On the first day of the Lunar New Year, he began to sell vegetables by tricycle, and has been selling until now.The old man admitted that his family objected to selling vegetables. “I said it didn’t matter. I used to work night shifts.Zhu Yongqing told reporters that the current batch of vegetables will be sold out in a few days.These two days he is busy planting, waiting for the next loofah, eggplant mature, he can continue to sell vegetables.Although not afraid of hard work, but the body is getting old after all.Zhu yongqing said that he will not sell for long, “now people have a poor memory, just weighed the dishes, turn around and forget.”Local village committee: can enjoy the policy, try to strive for the elderly situation exactly how?According to Chen Jianrong, a member of the Wenjiang Huihe Village committee, Zhu yongqing is a retired worker with a retirement salary, but his eldest daughter’s family is difficult, “he needs to take some money from time to time.”According to Chen jianrong, the elder daughter and grandson are both disabled. “My son-in-law sells vegetables from Wenjiang to Chengdu every day.The grandson is severely disabled and has no labor force.”Now the grandson does not go to work, according to the policy, the village has applied for him.Chen jianrong said that in addition to the subsistence allowance, the elderly’s grandson and eldest daughter receive a living allowance for the disabled every month, “adding up to more than 1,000 yuan a month.”Murakami will call them every month to learn about their situation, and will apply for sunshine relief for them when they are in hospital. “According to the policy, we will try our best to help them in spirit and material.”Chen jianrong said that the family is very grateful, the family will take some of the ripe fruit for Murakami.In the helping group organized by the caring netizens, the caring people from all over the country are planning how to help the elderly slowly and steadily. “The long-term help must be to buy vegetables, forming a normal supply and demand.”▲ Enthusiastic netizens set up a help group.On the evening of March 24, the temperature in Chengdu continued to drop, and I learned that the old man continued to stand on the same day. Someone had ordered a hot meal for him: “Come after 23 o ‘clock!”▲ The caring people ordered a hot meal for the old man.Here, to borrow the words of Mr. Jiang in the video, I express the feelings of many people: May the beauty of the world be given to everyone.Source: Chengdu Business Daily