Suifenhe, Heilongjiang: Mobile medical teams were set up to provide on-site diagnosis and treatment services

2022-06-17 0 By

Harbin, January 30 (reporter Jiang Hui)30, Mudanjiang Municipal Government information office of Heilongjiang province held the fifth press conference.Wu Ye, standing Member of the Standing Committee of suifenhe Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor of Suifenhe, said at the meeting that since the outbreak of the epidemic, Suifenhe has insisted on coordinating epidemic prevention and control and various livelihood protection work, and set up five mobile mobile medical teams to provide door-to-door diagnosis and treatment services for people in the containment and control areas who need medical treatment.Wu Ye said, in terms of medical treatment.Suifenhe takes the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital as a fever clinic for citizens and undertakes the diagnosis and treatment of patients with fever and other symptoms in the whole city. The People’s Hospital provides normal diagnosis and treatment services for the people of the whole city, and the infectious disease hospital undertakes the medical services for people in isolation, control and other risk areas.Unblocked the emergency green channel.Independent emergency departments and observation areas for children have been set up in the people’s hospitals to treat acute and critically ill patients first, take nucleic acid tests at the same time, and equip the areas with rescue and treatment equipment and drugs.For the common people who need emergency admission, operation and delivery, a transitional ward will be set up. Operating rooms and delivery rooms will be set up in the ward. Nucleic acid screening will be completed and the patients will be transferred to the general ward after their condition is stable.24-hour expert consultation is implemented.A multidisciplinary expert team has been set up to provide 24-hour professional guidance to patients with complex and critical conditions.Actively guide online appointments and consultations.The micro platform of the People’s Hospital has been launched to provide appointment registration and consultation services, reduce the gathering of hospital staff and reduce the risk of cross-infection.At the same time, mobile medical services will be provided.Five mobile medical teams have been set up to provide door-to-door diagnosis and treatment services to people who need medical treatment in the locked-in and controlled areas.In terms of the purchase of medicines.Suifenhe city published the list and contact information of two large distribution pharmacies, and adopted the distribution method of “online ordering, offline no contact” to open up the “last mile” for people to buy drugs during the epidemic.At the same time, the sale of fever, cough, antiviral, antibiotics and other “four classes of drugs” is prohibited. If you have the above symptoms, go to the fever clinic for investigation and treatment.(after)