After a 31-year-old beauty was urged to marry by her father, she posted a humorous video response and received an invitation from a dating show

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Recently, the Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Cup, which aroused a lot of attention on the team. Many relatives and friends of the women’s football team also accepted the media interview.Among them, the father of Chinese women’s soccer goalkeeper Zhao Lina was interviewed by a media, he said that his daughter is 31 years old, but there is no boyfriend.After the news was released, Zhao lina revealed that she had received an invitation to the dating show.Zhao’s father was very happy and proud of his daughter when he was interviewed by the media.Zhao lina’s father said he was in tears when the Chinese women’s team pulled off the win.But then, he also talked about Zhao lina’s lifelong ambition: “I hope she can meet someone sooner. Now she is 31 years old and doesn’t even have a boyfriend.”Zhao later posted a video in response to her father’s interview.Zhao lina humorously wrote the video with “about my father smiling and telling everyone THAT I don’t have a date,” and posted a private invitation from the show’s crew.The program director said he hoped to leave his contact information with Zhao and invite her to participate in the program.”If You Are the One,” a popular dating show on Jiangsu TV, has featured China’s national women’s basketball player Promise, but no female soccer players have been recorded.It can be seen that Zhao Lina for his father’s urging marriage, choose to use humorous funny video response, and “If you are the One” program group is also the opportunity, to the beauty of the country issued an invitation.It is not known whether Zhao lina would consider the show’s invitation to participate in the live recording, but if she does join the show, she will be a very eye-catching female guest.After all, no matter the level of appearance or ability, Zhao Lina is very outstanding.Zhao lina, 31, who was born in 1991, was recruited by Hao Wei in 2015 to play in the Women’s World Cup and became the first goalkeeper of The Chinese women’s football team for the 2016 Rio Olympics.Zhao was more of a substitute at the Asian Cup, but she got her chance to play in China’s women’s game against Iran.