Xichang carried out basic research on preschool education

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In order to continuously consolidate and expand the three years’ achievements of universal application of xichang, promote the popularization and universality of preschool education, and constantly improve the pattern of “government-led, social participation, and coordinated development of citizens”, Xichang Education and Sports Bureau has set up a research group on “the status quo of the city’s preschool education work and the layout of kindergartens”.Special investigations were carried out in townships, kindergartens and preschool education centers run by citizens.Visited xichang city each street office, township, kindergarten (point), land and resources bureau, etc., held a symposium 25, the city’s preschool education status has carried out a comprehensive survey and analysis, for the next better to carry out preschool learning to do a good job in the early stage of the foundation work.The research team found that there are still some problems in the distribution of pre-school education resources in Xichang, such as unbalanced distribution of pre-school education resources between urban and rural areas, unreasonable distribution of pre-school education resources, unbalanced supply and demand of public parks between urban and rural areas, etc.In the construction of preschool teachers, there is a serious shortage of teacher staffing, low salary and poor stability of teachers, and teachers’ professional qualities need to be improved.Closely around xichang according to investigation found the problem, research group of high quality pre-school education development goals, aimed at “80, 50” requirements, from the scientific implementation of kindergarten (or points) layout planning, expansion of public welfare, pratt &whitney preschool education resources supply, repair JiPuHui resources, improve the safeguard mechanism for the aspects such as the constructive Suggestions.First of all, in terms of layout, urban public kindergartens and one village will be rebuilt and expanded;A number of new urban and township public kindergartens;It is planned to build 29 public kindergartens, build or relocate 22 preschool education centers, upgrade 69 preschool education centers to meet the standard, and add 8,490 new degrees. By 2025, 20,500 degrees will be provided by public kindergartens, reaching the national “50” index.Secondly, the research group gave reasonable suggestions in improving the kindergarten management mechanism, comprehensively improving the quality of education, actively promoting the reform of educational supervision system and mechanism, promoting the construction of “kindergarten union (group run kindergarten)” system, increasing the establishment of public kindergartens, and improving the salary guarantee mechanism of teachers and counselors.It is planned to adopt a yearly batch of adequate staffing, improve the guarantee mechanism of preschool teachers’ salary, and enhance the attractiveness of preschool teachers’ profession.At the same time, the research group stressed that to further improve the teaching and research system, improve the teaching and research institutions, set up professional teaching and research team, strengthen the city’s kindergartens (points) teaching and research work guidance, carry out stratified training, is the next step to improve the quality of kindergarten education.The “Double 100” training plan will be implemented to guide the professional growth of teachers, strengthen the talent reserve, and realize the sustainable growth of the echelon of preschool teachers. By October 2022, 70% of the instructors with Mandarin level 2, GRADE B or above will be striving to achieve;Skills competitions for preschool teachers and counselors were held, with the participation rate reaching 30 percent.By October 2023, instructors with Mandarin level 2, GRADE B or above will strive to reach 80%, and the employment rate with double certificates will increase to more than 80%.1,000 backbone counselors have been trained;We carried out skills competitions for preschool teachers and counselors, and the participation rate reached 40%.By October 2024, 90% of the instructors with Mandarin level 2, GRADE B or above will be striving to achieve, and the rest will basically reach level 3, Grade A level.We launched skills competitions for preschool teachers and counselors, with the participation rate reaching 50 percent, to comprehensively improve the quality of kindergarten education.By October 2022, the gross enrollment rate for three-year preschool education will reach 90 percent.By October 2023, the three-year preschool gross enrollment rate will reach 92%;By October 2024, the gross enrollment rate of three-year preschool will reach 95 percent.(Reporter Wang Weihua) Scan on the mobile phone to open the current page statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn