Harbin Finch decoration home decoration node acceptance of the whole process summary, you will be smart collection

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Home decoration is a life-changing event, many first-time home friends always feared that there would be a pit, so wish every day to go to the construction site on inspection Shadowed, actually we don’t worry for home construction, you just need to acceptance in several important nodes to be present, small make up today for your collection of domestic outfit node acceptance of the related content,Interested in the little partners quickly to understand it ~~ construction opening disclosure:On the first day of the work, the owner and designer, project director, project supervision need to achieve the construction site, after complete the opening ceremony, the need to be done in accordance with the construction design drawings on site actual disclosure, in the check on the basis of the original construction site facilities, but also for the future construction of all kinds of details for check, after all confirmed,The two sides reached a letter to sign the consensus in person.Construction material acceptance: before our home decoration construction, there will be building materials in succession. At this time, we need to check carefully according to the budget sheet of home decoration materials to see whether the number, brand, model and quality of construction material are consistent. After all confirmation, we can sign for acceptance.Hydropower node acceptance: hydropower project as a whole in domestic outfit is the most important take cover engineering, water and electricity lines are hidden in the interior wall due to the internal, so we must make sure the water and electricity line construction wiring process, product quality and the right that is late could save water and electricity lines malfunction are hard to maintain.Wall ground acceptance: acceptance of wall ground is simple, only need to look at whether level off is smooth, according to different adornment material acceptance standards are different, such as metope adornment, emulsioni paint is whether there is a crack, you need to look at metope spots, peeling, once found that the problem will be in a timely manner to repeat treatment;If we use tiles to pave the wall and ground, we need to check whether there are empty drums and cracks on the wall. In order to avoid the situation of tiles falling off in the later stage, we need to replace the damaged position directly and rebuild it.See here I believe you have some understanding of home decoration node acceptance, the above is xiaobian today to bring you the relevant content of home decoration node acceptance, I hope today’s article can provide you with effective home decoration help.