Crack down on crimes of forced trading and maintain fair trading order

2022-06-14 0 By

Fair and voluntary trading is the basic criterion of market transactions, while the criminal behavior of forced trading seriously disrupts the market management order and affects the construction of a law-based business environment.Recently, the people’s Court of the left rear banner in accordance with the law to try a forced trade crime case, the defendant Zheng and Wang were sentenced to three years in prison, and fined 70,000 yuan.From 2016 to 2018, some taxis of a car taxi Co., Ltd. in Kezuo Rear Flag reached the renewal period and needed to update their vehicles. Zheng Mou, the manager of a company, and Wang Mou, Zheng mou’s husband, threatened that they would not issue the required procedures for updating their vehicles to taxi drivers without purchasing new vehicles through a company.Fifty-nine taxi drivers, including Goh and Lee, were forced to buy new cars through the company and pick them up at designated places.Verified statistics, 2016 to 2018, the defendant Zheng, Wang mou illegal profit of about 680,000 yuan.The defendant jeong a certain, wang mou for the purpose of illegal possession, the defendant jeong a use of the identity of a company’s shareholders, company managers, with a certificate issued by the company shall not procedure the threat, force the taxi driver services to help to buy vehicles, earn huge profits, make crime of forced trading, according to law if the circumstances are especially serious.Although the defendant Wang mou is not a shareholder of the company, but the evidence on record can prove that it and Zheng mou jointly implemented the forced trading behavior, the defendant Zheng mou, Wang Mou constitute a deliberate crime is a joint crime, and the two roles are equal, it is not appropriate to distinguish between the master and slave.The two defendants refused to appeal, and the Tongliao Intermediate People’s Court upheld the original judgment.The People’s Court of Kozuohou Banner adheres to serving the overall interests of the center, performs its judicial functions in accordance with the law, severely punishes criminal crimes that affect the business environment in accordance with the law, gives full play to its judicial functions, and provides powerful judicial services and guarantees for creating a stable, fair and transparent business environment.