1900W fans of the old children were online violence, do not take your ignorance, questioning the results of others’ labor

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Online celebrity industry in today’s society, has become the envy of the hot occupation, those who rely on their own expertise, to obtain a monthly income of hundreds of thousands, or even millions of opportunities, of course, their success, will also make other bystanders jealous.This year, there are many grassroots people who have risen from obscurity to become Internet celebrities with tens of millions of followers.There are also some overturned phenomenon, such as Niu Aifang and small Spring flower, word of mouth has been playing bad.Today we are going to talk about the net red, is by virtue of the farmers work video, by the net friends like the farmers.The video of kangzai farmer, shot by two people together, is the old child and Kangzai respectively.The old boy was old but strong.In the first half of each video, the old boy goes to the field to do farm work. He works very efficiently. Although he is short, nothing can daunt him.The latter part is kangzi cooking, two people eat and laugh together, especially warm.By sharing his life, the old boy has gained 1900W fans, who all like his simple smile and his hands for happiness.But such a net red, was subjected to network violence, began someone can smear him, denigrate him.Some time ago, the old kid posted a video, which was taken when he pulled out the radish. Some people said that the radish was pulled out in advance, which was obviously for show.And they doubt the reason, is that the pit is too shallow, pulling radish can not be so easy, must be laborious.Later, he said that his lettuce had been cut in advance and was just used for filming.When seeing this kind of doubt, xiaobian only feel too ridiculous, the original really someone for the black and black, clearly is working video, but was said to be a show.As anyone who has seen that video knows, lettuce is cut piece by piece by an old child, with such movement and force that it is impossible to fake it.And cut section of lettuce, will certainly be stained with some dirt, dirty a little difficult to understand?Before we often say city oppidan grain is divided, regard wheat seedling as leek, in fact in modern society, this kind of phenomenon has been more and more common, happen not only in city oppidan body.Even rural people who have never planted vegetables may not know each other.There is nothing wrong with ignorance, but it is a little unforgivable to use your ignorance to denigrate a hard-working man.Is it because you’ve seen so many fake things that you don’t believe the truth and think everyone is faking it just to make a video?Also worried before, net red false person set, will excessive consumption of public credibility, let a person dare not believe others?Did not expect so soon came to pass, even if it is so real work video, will be deliberately said to be fake.It is not easy for farmers to work. You can see the videos of old children working. They have gained the current attention through their own efforts.I hope you don’t take your ignorance, questioning the results of others’ labor, this world is not all false.The old boy was laughed at by the villagers because of his height, but his life could not have changed so much without Kang’s help.Some people might think he’s boring and just say “yes” and “yes,” but he’s really beautiful at work.It is said that workers are the most glorious. The old boy has brought positive energy to the society with his own life. He has nothing to question.Even if want black, also trouble to find those live net red selling fake goods, not for a simple rural old man.This article is the author’s original, unauthorized reprint is strictly prohibited offenders will investigate!