Finally Lithuania is sincere!China has sent its largest-ever delegation to the Winter Olympics

2022-06-13 0 By

Lithuania can flip a page faster than a book. Do you remember the “knife-wielding guard” That barked in front of the US?At that time, with the instigation of the United States, Taiwan colluded with anti-China forces and openly set up the so-called “Taiwan Office” in Taiwan’s capital, which made us so angry that our teeth were itching.But now Lithuania has sent its largest-ever team of athletes to Beijing for the 2022 Winter Olympics, which start on February 4, further unleashing Lithuania’s eagerness to improve relations with China, to which the Chinese Foreign Ministry was quick to welcome.First of all, it should be noted that Lithuania has a population of only a few million and a small economy. Last year, it chose to be friendly with the “separatists” in Taiwan at the suggestion of the United States. The Lithuanian government at that time believed that the sugar cane could not be sweet at both ends.Since the old Us brother is going to support me, I will play the role of “pawn” and bite China like a mad dog. Lithuania thinks this us will support their construction, give them money and even get them into NATO.All it took was a few hundred million dollar credit deal, and then Lithuania realized that I was the clown.Lithuania’s foolish behavior can be said to be stealing a chicken from a duck, because not only did it not get strong support from the United States, but it completely offended China.Honestly, little Lithuania, if I can’t rule you, how can I call myself the Lion of the East?China immediately hit back, neither importing nor exporting Lithuanian goods.In fact, this alone is not the most cruel, the next means is to choke Lithuania, that is, as long as the products related to Lithuania, China will not import, no matter your parts are from Lithuania, or all your processes are completed in Lithuania, all say goodbye.What multinational enterprise can give up such a big market of China for a small country with millions of people in Eastern Europe? So, the orders of Lithuanian enterprises “turned sour”, the economy declined significantly, the domestic conflicts and the bad mood of the masses began to escalate.Lithuania’s Economy Minister said in an interview on January 17 that a large number of foreign companies are considering withdrawing their investment from Lithuania, and another 40% of them are going through difficult times.The economy minister’s name is Almonite, who was one of Lithuania’s government’s loudest officials until then. Why should she have known?Do you think so?We don’t want to talk about it any more. Since Lithuania has chosen to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics with its strongest team in history, we welcome it, because Olympic events are a common event for all mankind, and we can’t mix sports and politics.With only a few days to go before the Opening of the Winter Olympics, the “slap in the face” Of the United States has applied for a large number of business visas, South Korea has sent “double representatives”, and athletes and officials from several other countries have arrived in Beijing one after another.On January 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would send his best wishes to the Beijing Winter Olympics and send a video message to the Russian athletes.In addition, THE President of the United Nations General Assembly Shahid will also be the torchbearer of the Winter Olympics, while THE United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has also confirmed his participation.So the Winter Olympics will go smoothly and be a success, and we will welcome anyone who comes, but will countries like Lithuania blush?