A boy in East China’s Jiangxi province had his lips glued to an ice cream cake and then tried it again after it melted

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On the afternoon of April 6, a boy in Jiangxi province bought ice cream to eat by the roadside. Unexpectedly, his lips were stuck and could not move after one bite. After he melted it with water, the boy began to eat shyly again.The boy’s mother told Polaroid news that the boy was afraid to move after the glue was attached for fear of tearing his mouth and was reluctant to throw the ice cream away.With only mineral water around her, she used a little water to dissolve the bonds.Video from the scene shows a young boy eating a green ice cream bar, his upper lip sticking to the surface of the ice cream, as people nearby remove it with water.After taking out the ice cream, the boy looked at the camera and shyly took another bite.Jimu news reporters learned that this happened in Yushui District, Xinyu City, Jiangxi province.”The baby is so cute, it melts and tastes again,” commented netizens.The boy’s mother, Surnamed Gao (Hua), told Jimu news that she took her child out shopping at around 7 PM on June 6. On the way, the child wanted to eat mung bean ice cream, so she bought one, but unexpectedly her lips stuck.She had only bottled mineral water with her, so she poured it over her mouth to dissolve the bond. Fortunately, her lips did not break in less than a minute.”When it melted, he started eating again and said he was going to keep eating ice cream.”Gao said the child did not dare to move for fear of tearing his mouth when he stuck on the ice cream, and he was reluctant to throw it away afterwards.According to her recollection, before the children eat ice cream also was stuck several times, but that several times the area of adhesion is relatively small on their own slowly melted away.On The 8th, jimei News reporter contacted a pediatrician, she said, because the ice cream was just taken out of the temperature is very low, like children’s lips, tongue are relatively hot, the mouth moisture will quickly solidify ice cream, stick together.In the rescue process must be slow, can not worry, conditions allow the case, prepare some warm water slowly poured in the adhesion part.If the lips have broken skin and bleeding after rescue, to prevent the formation of ulcers, you can buy ulcer patch affixed to the broken skin, usually eat less sour and spicy food.Source: Extreme News