Golden State’s 3-pointer, Denver’s third straight win!Curry is changing, klay is still down

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Beijing time on February 17, the NBA regular season continues, the Warriors host the Nuggets.The Warriors were second in the Western Conference at 42-16 and the Nuggets were sixth at 32-25.Kerr’s rotation continued this game, with Payton Jr. starting alongside Wiggins, Curry, Klay and Luni, and Kerr slowly solidifying his rotation.Throughout the first three quarters, warriors is to occupy the field initiative, here mainly reflected in three aspects, in the following.In the fourth quarter, the Nuggets, led by Jokic, led the Warriors in the last 14 seconds, Curry finished 2-and-1 in the clutch, and Morris hit a 3-pointer with 5.9 seconds left.The Warriors lost 116-117 at home to the Nuggets, who won their third straight game.For the Nuggets, Jokic had 35 points, 17 rebounds and eight assists, Forbes had 22 points, Rivers had 10 points, Morris had 13 points, four rebounds and six assists and Gordon had 10 points, nine rebounds and five assists.For the Warriors, Klay was 5-for-15 with 16 points, four rebounds and four assists, Curry had 25 points, six assists and three rebounds, Payton Jr. had 12 points, four rebounds and six steals, Luni had 13 points, nine rebounds and three assists, Wiggins had nine points, four rebounds and four assists, Porter had 10 points and seven rebounds, Poole had 15 points and five assists, and Kuminga had 12 points and three assists.It started with Kerr changing the lineup. Payton Jr. was sidelined for a long time after Klay returned, playing behind Poole, Damian Lee, and others in the lineup.But how is Payton worse than Klay on the court?In today’s game, Payton only defended Jokic and did push-ups on the spot after landing, including his cutting and dunking. He forced Patton and Jokic to make mistakes and repeatedly led the team to fight back with steals. It can be said that Payton is the most efficient and hardworking player on the warriors’ defensive end.The Warriors held the lead through the first three quarters and were up by 16 points at one point in three ways, starting with Klay, because he’s the barometer of this team, the reverse barometer. No criticism.Warriors from the first day to open early shooting and passing the ball to the clay here, he often plays endpoints, or dribbling breakthrough made destruction, unless they have strong throw three points, but clay including the third first half in the first half, only 5 shots, that he is very good control, the ball to him here, he can also find wiggins, clooney do continue to cooperate,That’s a huge drag on the Nuggets’ defensive energy.But from late in the third quarter, Klay began to run his own game again, chasing 3-pointers and missing layups, and Kerr was forced to call a timeout.It was also a time when the Warriors seemed very passive.First, it’s up to Klay whether he wants to be a part of the team or whether he wants to take more shots for himself.The second is the explosion of the Warriors’ role players — Kminga, Poole, Porter — that Kerr should give more credit to.Before the game, Kerr said, “I will use khuminga not being selected as an All-Star to motivate him.”Khuminga is definitely getting more all-around, he is not selfish today, the ball is coming to him, the open 3s, the first time on the counter, and with wiggins and Poole’s cutters, khuminga is doing everything well except foul.Next is Poole, who is slowly becoming a backup leader, from assists to shot threats, and then to the transition with Curry. To put it simply, the current Warriors backcourt combination of Poole, Payton and Curry is better than Klay, but Klay is unshakable.The third aspect is the most important in my opinion, the Warriors today with a nine-man rotation, bench Poole, Bielitsa, Kuminga, Porter four, and people like Anderson, Damian Lee, Moody and so on all sit out.That’s great, the Warriors really don’t need that many people to dilute the ball and shots of a few stars, and it affects the chemistry.In the fourth quarter, rivers hit a 3-pointer, Forbes threw up, Gordon dunked, and the Nuggets got within 3 points. In the last minute, Jokic hit a layup and Morris hit a counter layup, and the Nuggets completed the comeback.And in the final moments of the game, or Curry throw to complete 2+1 to save the Warriors.Kerr is slowly shrinking his rotation. Klay needs to recognize the direction of the team. He needs to have some sacrifice spirit.Now also, wiggins offensive aggressive enough, on the one hand, the ball really very few, on the other hand, undertake the task of defensive pressure is bigger, he is at this stage, the warriors tactical status, need to increase wiggins in preparation for the playoffs, in some cases, shooting couldn’t solve the problem, can only be crucial, even the warriors and wiggins few crucial tool.