Wuhan team to respond to unpaid issues, the team applied for a name change

2022-06-11 0 By

Underpayment is an eternal topic in Chinese football in recent years, but today, even many of the main players can not bear the burden.Former National football team captain Hao Junmin posted a post criticizing his employer Wuhan Football Team for the unpaid salary situation that has not been resolved. Then several players in the team also started to repost it, which caused a lot of waves.In the players collective voice, Wuhan team in the evening also announced a situation.First of all, the team will collect last season’s salary and communicate with the players one by one to discuss a new salary plan and encourage the players to take the initiative to reduce their salary.Secondly, the team advocates a positive, healthy and progressive view of football and career, and will vigorously cultivate and use the new generation of like-minded players.Third, we should vigorously develop youth training and build youth training echelons.Among these statements, the most eye-catching is that Wuhan Will apply to change its name to “Wuhan Changjiang Team”, hoping that wuhan’s promise can be truly fulfilled. Otherwise, if even the top players in China are not paid, will there be any parents to send their children to play football?So how can we develop youth training?