Winter Olympics: Here comes the champion, oh, why again?

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The game is over!A champion!It’s time to present the medal, raise the national flag and play the national anthem!Why is it just “Ice Dadden dadden”?No flag raising and national anthem?One week into the Beijing Winter Olympics, have you had these questions?On the blackboard!Unlike the Summer Olympics, because of the cold weather at the Winter Olympics, souvenirs are usually presented inside the stadium after the games, and then MEDALS are presented at the medal plaza. The expected raising of the national flag and playing of the national anthem take place there.Changed clothes, more beautiful and handsome!MEDALS in 81 sports will be handed out from February 6 to 19 at the two awarding plazas in Beijing.There are exceptions to everything. Some events will be awarded directly in the competition venues, mainly in yanqing competition venues and some competition venues in Beijing (see, just after the front foot is compared, the back foot gets the card ↑). In addition,According to the practice of the INTERNATIONAL Olympic Committee cross-country skiing men’s 50 km mass start and women’s 30 km mass start will be awarded MEDALS at the closing ceremony.The Olympics MEDALS “concentric” that coincide with inset jades of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games medal moral five concentric rings of concentric, concentric circle expression of heaven and earth, the heart also symbolizes the Olympic spirit of solidarity with the medal modelling concise but not simple obverse outside the Olympic rings are a circle xiangyun grain, a circle around the ice and snow lines on the back of the Beijing Olympics medal emblem ring and dotThe ancient astronomical map also symbolized the passion of athletes racing on snow slides. There are 24 dots. Do you know why?China’s intangible cultural heritage has been used to make flowers such as roses, Chinese rose, lily of the valley, hydrangea, laurel and olives, which symbolize warmth and peace.Eternal preservation is the flower of the winter Olympics will never die the most enviable is that there is envy other people’s glory version of “Ice Dwen dwen” top three athletes each one that you know the glory version of “ice Dwen Dwen” around the wreath is what?I know this one!The olive branch!Wrong!This is woven pine, bamboo, plum pine, bamboo, plum is also known as the “three friends at the age of cold” meaning tenacity, tenacity and exuberant vitality of the respect and blessing to the award-winning athletes who does not like the glittering “Bing Dun Dun”?Is it available?No way!This is a special souvenir for the winning athletes, not for sale.Did I miss an Olympic champion from the distance of Bing Dwen Dwen?Just want to ask when the skates into the Olympics?Reporter: Le Wenwan, Wang Chunyan Editor: Xiao Shiyao, Huang Xuguo