Old cadres of Jinyang Street, Guanshan Lake District help the city with “One circle, two reforms and three Reforms”

2022-06-08 0 By

In view of mountain lakes gold-sun street blue sea life, to have such a old comrades and retired do not fade, decades in the community management, residents service and other work in guiyang city started two three “a” people’s livelihood projects, the old comrades is actively involved in leading jurisdiction “five old” propaganda, visiting, volunteers research…Become this people’s livelihood project in a strong “silver collar” strength.This veteran comrade is Liu Mingxian.”Although no longer as the community party branch secretary, but as an old party member, but also the old residents living here, we have the obligation to contribute to the construction of the home!”I heard that Guiyang should promote the livelihood project of “one circle, two rounds and three reforms”, Liu Mingxian was full of hard work!With the implementation of livelihood projects, the community is also in the old look of the new, Liu Mingxian heart happy, but at the same time there is a bit of worry:”The ‘two reforms and three reforms in one circle’ is a good project to benefit the people. All the projects are closely related to the people. However, it is not enough to rely on the government alone to push forward this project.With this idea in mind, Liu immediately mobilized more than 10 “five old” volunteers. On the one hand, they actively participated in various surveys and symposiums organized by street and community organizations, pooling their wisdom and efforts to put forward suggestions to promote the work.On the other hand, party members and cadres in the community went from house to house to increase the publicity of the work of “one circle, two rounds and three reforms” and collected residents’ opinions.At the same time, as the leader of jinyang Yinling · theme publicity team, Liu Mingxian also took the initiative to learn relevant policy documents, actively connected with the streets to understand the latest project construction and promotion, and then through the form of dam dam meeting, to the residents to publicize.Since the beginning of this year, Liu mingxian has led volunteers to participate in more than 10 research discussions, visited more than 100 residents, and carried out two lectures on the theme of “three reforms in one circle”.With the help of the “silver collar” force and under the guidance of the superior leading departments, this livelihood project gradually became known and put into practice.Chen Junyan editor Yang Yan editor Liang Jian