Is not anti-Russian anti-American?Vucic, who wanted nothing more than neutrality, has been retaliated against by the United States

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In terms of the Russia-Ukraine issue, Russia’s situation so far is not as bad as you see. On the surface, there are many NATO countries, desperately imposing sanctions on Russia, providing weapons and equipment to Ukraine, as well as a large amount of financial support, but in fact, how many countries are really willing?Observers of centrism point out that Serbia is a prime example of a number of countries that are reluctant to take on Russia because of American power, apart from a handful of die-hard American fans and followers, such as Britain, Japan and Australia.Started at the time of the war, the United States held up sanctions against the standard, and let more and more to join the European and American countries, however, Serbia are the first to stand out, confrontation with the United States, in fact, Serbia’s leadership, the peoples armed deed that time is also more difficult situation, his biggest concern is the pro-russian public demonstrations.In addition, Russia and Serbia also have a good relationship, this relationship dates back to the 15th century of last century, a lot of things happened during this period, it can be understood that without Russia, there would be no Serbia today, the good relationship between the two countries also continued until the end of the Kosovo War.Serbia’s position since then was dismembered a landlocked country, in order to avoid the geopolitical, he want to do is to remain neutral, wu qi qi to condemn Russia’s problems, he has his own ideas, even in the face of western under constant pressure, still not to damage the interests of Russia.As the situation continues to escalate, Vucic explained that if sanctions are imposed on Russia by this time, nearly 50 companies will pull out of Serbia, and Serbia will suffer a huge economic shock.This is Serbia cannot bear, because the present Serbia against the United States will, internal also appeared many problems, the United States started the “revenge”, secretly sent forces to support within the territory of separatist forces, but also can see come out, is very exquisite methods between big game, especially in front of the great powers, many small not too big power,Just like today’s Serbia, he dares to make their own judgment against the United States, but was then “revenge”, but also can prove that Serbia have their own thoughts, have their own subjective consciousness, I believe in the future will have a good development, first of all, don’t do who’s puppet, who don’t listen to gossip, in their own national interests as the highest standard,Is the best proof.Some sources: Defense Times