Why is “sexual violence” the most terrible violence in marriage

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Sexual violence refers to sexual abuse that is committed by force without consent.Sexual violence is the double harm of body and mind, which will cause depression and other mental diseases for women after the physical trauma.(Men will also encounter sexual violence) In life, sexual violence is often difficult to talk about, especially domestic sexual violence, while forcing the will of women at the same time insulting and soft violence, the degree of destruction is just like the walking dead, its cruel and abnormal degree is appalling.Hao Yue, 30, an employee of a state-owned enterprise, met li Sanliang, 30, at work.It is said that most couples’ feelings are cultivated after marriage.Hao Month also thinks so, although Li Sanliang family is bad, temper is a little irascible, but these are small problems, she firmly believes that the life of the future can be happy as long as he is virtuous and industrious.Both of them planned to get married and got married a month later.Also be in this momently, hao month’s nightmare began.According to the custom, at the time of marriage, the bride and groom will worship their relatives and friends.During the ceremony, relatives and friends will give red envelopes to express their congratulations.Because of 2000 yuan gift gold ascribe produced disagreement when two people worship ceremony however, Li Sanliang quarreled with hao’s father more.The wedding was a joyous day in Japan, and the groom quarreled with the father-in-law, which not only embarrassed the whole wedding atmosphere to the extreme, but also made hao more difficult to do, so she stood by in her wedding dress and began to cry.Li Sanliang saw her cry feeling very ashamed, in a fit of anger threw a big box on her face.The slap brought the whole party to a bitter end.Back in the bridal chamber, Li locked the door and continued to beat and kick her.Constantly crying and crying, she can only hold her head to avoid begging for mercy, until Li Sanliang tired fell asleep, the violence stopped.It’s unacceptable for any woman to be subjected to violence on her wedding night.With the door locked, Hao Yue escaped from the house on the fourth floor down a drainpipe.The bride ran away, Li Sanliang thought it was a great shame and began to look around.Four days later, Hao Yue was forcibly brought back by him, and the endless physical and mental torture began from then on.Sometimes Hao Yue fell asleep and was pulled by him directly. He would not ask whether he wanted to have sex forcibly. As long as he dared to resist or push and refuse, he would inevitably have another round of blows and kicks.In the life that goes before for a long time, hao Yue’s heart both fear and helplessness, the body was also traumatized below sexual violence, for example, private part left permanent scar.Hao Yue’s most painful period is in her pregnancy after the two married eight months when Hao Yue pregnant.At this time Li Sanliang put forward a request that she could not accept.”I have a friend I need you to attend to.”Hao Month smell speech stunned, “what meaning?”Li sanliang said, “Don’t you understand?When you have the baby, live with my friend as husband and wife.”Simple straightforward word, hao month only feel in the brain hum unceasingly.She couldn’t believe why her husband let her have sex with anyone else.Hao Month refuses decisively, this kind of shameless thing she can’t even think about.Li Sanliang let her refuse, regardless of whether she is pregnant began to beat and kick, “this matter is not up to you, I let you how you how, dare not obedient I forgive you.”Hao Month hugged the body to cry for a long time, she wants to escape from this family, but Li Sanliang sees her dead, there is no chance to escape, even if it is really fled, also will be caught back by him.Fear, fear, anxiety, Hao month gave birth to the baby, every day to take care of his son at the same time, also hope that thing will not happen.In a twinkling of an eye, the son has grown to the tenth month.As usual, Hao Moon hugged his son to sleep peacefully.But at this time Li Sanliang drunk home, and brought a fair-weather friend Wang Zhen.”You go to bed first, and I’ll do the rest.”Li Sanliang went to Hao Yue’s bedside. “Go and wait on my friend.”Hao refused, this abnormal thing she is never yield.But Li Sanliang can no matter she is willing to do not want to, after pulling off her clothes, forcibly held the past, even if it is ten months after the son woke up crying, can not stop Li Sanliang abnormal behavior.Finally, with The help of Li sanliang, Wang Zhen raped Hao Yue.Then Li sanliang carried her back to the master bedroom and raped her again.No one knows right now hao Month is what mood after all, with “heart like death ash” afraid is not enough to describe.But even if the heart is dead as the walking dead, Li Sanliang is still carrying on the physical and psychological double destruction to her.”Bring us tea and water.”Under the command of Li Sanliang, Hao Month is not allowed to wear clothes, for two people end tea pour water.And such acts were repeated frequently in the future, as Wang Zhen became a regular visitor to the family.Li Sanliang likes very much to undertake ravaging to hao month it seems that, in the next two years, guo Wei and Liu Rui join them again, 4 people maltreat in turn to her.Hao Yue will resist each time, but can be exchanged for more cruel torture, until losing strength and consciousness, reduced to the walking dead.Hao Month wants to divorce early, but having however unknown take into account to be in actually two people marry before long, Li Sanliang takes naked picture to her with the means of coercion, one piece of hard to say naked picture is saved in the computer, later instead direct video recording.And he would threaten her with these pictures, “If you don’t listen to me, I will post these pictures online so that your family and everyone can appreciate your beauty.”Hidden insult and open insult, Hao Yue chose the former.Perhaps because the heart with death, or it is to feel unripe have no love, more perhaps to let the child be far away from the family of abnormal condition, hao Month told his encounter parents friend, below their support to the public security organ alarm, ended this paragraph of long up to 7 years of abnormal marriage.There is no doubt that Li sanliang and the other three will be brought to justice.Some people are just on the surface, but there is evil hidden in their hearts.After divorcing her husband due to emotional discord, Lin took 11-year-old Lin Lin to marry a business executive.This thought that this section of marriage can go on normally, never think it is into the tiger’s mouth.Wearing a suit and leather collar, he was smiling and polite.In people’s cognition, as an enterprise leader, his psychology and quality must be relatively excellent, but in fact, he knows his face and his heart, and no one knows how a person’s heart is.In fact, in the beginning, the new husband to Li and Lin Lin special good, caring and considerate, because of this, Li is willing to marry him.A few years later, the new husband was fired from his position as an ordinary worker because of mistakes he made in the company.Once successful leadership suddenly fell into ordinary people, this kind of gap makes him hard to accept drinking all day, but also to Miss Li and Lin Lin language attack and even punch and kick.”Are you two jinxes my Nemesis?I lost my job as soon as I came into this house. What a bad luck!”The new husband would rape Ms. Li, often pulling her hair, beating and having sex with her, scared Linlin can only cry helplessly.One day, after the new husband returned home drunk, see Lin Lin just took a bath from the toilet, psychological instant become deformed, striding forward will Lin Lin to the bedroom inside the hard pull, trying to make shameless things.Ms Li see this to stop, but in this way, Ms Li bear the brunt of his repeatedly beat, but also grabbed her hair dragged into the toilet, press in the toilet.At the same time, he bound her hands with duct tape and forced her to have sex.Similar things happened again and again in the family, and eventually the humiliated Ms. Li chose to divorce him.The terrible part of sexual violence lies in the psychological distortion. The perpetrators often ravage women again and again in abnormal ways, which eventually leads to the double harm of body and mind, and they live in the shadow all their lives.How to Protect yourself from Sexual violence Sexual violence doesn’t just happen in the home. It can happen anywhere, anytime, in any relationship.Such as friends, leaders, neighbors, colleagues and so on.When it comes to sexual violence, the most effective weapon is the law.Some women because it is difficult to talk about heart care, always will humiliate hidden in the heart, but the more this is more hurt.Only with the weapons of the law to defend their physical and mental harm.(Friends, welcome to leave a comment!)