Three special programs to make it easier for poor families to give birth to their children, you know?

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The college entrance examination is the “fairest” opportunity for all students to change their fate. However, due to differences in educational resources and economic conditions in different regions, rural children still have few opportunities to enter universities, especially prestigious universities.How to make it easier for poor families to give birth to their children?Since 2012, shall be borne by the degree of a batch of recruitment of students school of “national special plan”, colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of Education and other pilot colleges bear the autonomous enrolment of colleges and universities “special plan” and by the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the local key universities bear’s “special plan” introduced, for the rural students admitted to a key university offers a “green channel”.According to the statistics of the Provincial Education Examination Institute, in 2021, 6,487 examinees in our province will be admitted through the national special plan, 6,950 examinees will be admitted through the local special plan, and 521 examinees will be admitted through the university special plan, realizing the dream of key university and changing their life destiny.Recently, Hunan province officially issued the notice of Hunan Provincial Department of Education and Hunan Provincial Public Security Department on the Implementation of the special Plan for Enrollment of Key Universities in 2022, continuing to implement three special plans for rural areas and poverty-alleviation areas.Which examinees can register for an examination?Please follow the reporter.National Special Program: Candidates from 40 counties (cities) in our province can apply for the national special program, namely the special program for Directional Enrollment in formerly poor areas, which was implemented in 2012. It is the earliest among the three special programs and is open to candidates from formerly poor counties (cities, districts).More than 170 institutions of higher learning under the central government and key local universities, including Tsinghua University and Peking University, will enroll more than 60,000 students each year.Taking Tsinghua University in Hunan as an example, the reporter learned from the provincial Education Examination Institute that in 2021, the general class (preferred physics) group 4 professional file is divided into 682 points, the general class (preferred physics) group 6 professional national special for 669 points, less than 13 points, greatly reducing the admission threshold for students from poor families.The province will continue to implement national special projects in 40 counties and cities this year, including 31 counties in Wuling Mountain region, 6 counties in Luoxiao Mountain region and 3 counties in the former national poverty alleviation and development work.In order to ensure that the preferential policies really benefit the former poor area examinees, according to the relevant national requirements, our province has strictly set up the national special examination conditions, the provincial department of education, the provincial public Security department will also carry out strict examination procedures.In the national special plan of Hunan Province, universities or majors with special enrollment requirements for students such as public security colleges, international relations colleges and foreign Affairs Colleges are arranged to be admitted in advance, while other universities and majors are arranged to be admitted in advance.Admit mark in principle not under my province ordinary kind undergraduate course admit control mark line.In case of shortage of students, students can be enrolled on file according to relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education to ensure the completion of special enrollment plan.It is worth noting that candidates who have the qualification of national special plan can also fill in the two kinds of plan of college professional group of other universities. There is no requirement on the order.This means that qualified examinees have one more chance to attend key universities.The attached:The former concentrated contiguous areas with special difficulties (37) Wuling Mountain area (31) Xinshao County, Shaoyang County, Longhui County, Dongkou County, Suining County, Xinning County, Chengbu Miao Autonomous County, Wugang City, Shimen County, Cili County, Sangzhi County, Anhua County, Zhongfang County, Yuanling County, Chenxi County, Mayang Miao Autonomous CountyXinjao Dong Autonomous County (6) Chaling County Yanling County Yizzhang County Rucheng County Guidong County Anren County2. National Poverty Alleviation and Development Key Areas (3) other than the former Contiguic Areas with Special Difficulties pingjiang County xintian County Jianghua Yao Autonomous CountyThe province’s rural examinees can register for local special plan recruitment by Hunan province is responsible for the implementation of key colleges and universities, the recruitment is the province’s rural examinees, provincial department of education business related departments and colleges to determine the recruitment plan according to the requirements.At present, the local special plan of our province mainly undertakes 14 colleges and universities with primary enrollment.Including Hunan Normal University, Xiangtan University, Changsha University of Science and Technology, Hunan Agricultural University, Central South University of Forestry and Technology, Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, University of South China, Hunan University of Science and Technology, Hunan University of Technology, Hunan Business University, Jishou University, Hunan Institute of Science and Technology, Hengyang Normal College and Hunan First Normal College.Is the fractional line that local special plan admits more than normal a lot of low?After sorting out the above universities’ 2021 college entrance examination slot lines, the reporter found that the slot lines of professional groups of colleges and universities in most local special plans are close to those of ordinary colleges and universities.This also means, my province entered oneself for an examination last year the examinee of local special plan is not little.Provincial education examination courtyard is clear, the admission mark of local special plan in principle is not under my province ordinary kind undergraduate course admission control mark line, when student source is insufficient, can be admitted in ordinary kind undergraduate course batch control line 20 points less than, according to voluntary from high score to low score file admission.When high enrollment, the special plan is arranged in undergraduate batch enrollment, admission score in principle not lower than hunan ordinary undergraduate enrollment control score line.When there are insufficient students, candidates who meet the requirements for the examination will be organized to fill in the application.If the enrollment is still insufficient after soliciting volunteers, the enrollment can be appropriately lowered (that is, in the ordinary undergraduate enrollment control line 20 points within the voluntary enrollment from high to low points), to ensure the completion of the task of special plan enrollment.Candidates who meet the qualifications of both national and local special plans can fill in both categories.Special Plan for Colleges and universities: Rural examinees in 51 counties (cities and districts) can apply for the special plan for colleges and universities. The special plan is undertaken by colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of Education and other experimental colleges and universities, including Peking University, Tsinghua University and other 95 colleges and universities, with the enrollment plan not less than 2% of their annual undergraduate enrollment.The province’s 2022 special college program recruits rural candidates from 51 counties (cities, districts), such as Chaling County and Yanling County.According to the regulation of Ministry of Education, the score of college special plan admission is in principle not under my province special type recruit students admission control reference score line.The examinee should read carefully when filling in the enrollment rules of colleges and universities, and understand the relevant admission methods and preferential policies of each school.The special plan of colleges and universities is arranged in the ordinary undergraduate voluntary file before the file, the candidates who are not admitted by the special plan of colleges and universities do not affect the follow-up voluntary file admission, equivalent to increase the opportunity to file themselves.The suggestion accords with the condition examinee, must use the national policy adequately.Registration and application should be completed through the Sunshine College Entrance Examination platform of the Ministry of Education before April 25th.Appendix: Hunan Province special plan enrollment implementation area 1.Zhuzhou (2 counties) : Chaling County Yanling County 2.Hengyang (1 county) : Qidong County 3.Shaoyang (7 counties and 1 city) : Wugang Xinshao County, Shaoyang County, Longhui County, Dongkou County, Suining County, Xinning County, Chengbu Miao Autonomous County 4.Yueyang (1 county) : Pingjiang County 5.Changde (1 county) : Shimen County 6.Yiyang (1 county) : Anhua county 7.Chenzhou (4 counties) : Yizhang Rucheng Guidong Anren 8.Zhangjiajie (2 counties and 2 districts) : Cili County, Yongding District, Wulingyuan District, Sangzhi County 9.Loudi (2 counties and 1 city) : Shuangfeng County, Xinhua County, Lianyuan City 10.Huaihua (10 counties, 2 districts and 1 city) : Hecheng District, Hongjiang District, Hongjiang City, Zhongfang County, Yuanling County, Chenxi County, Huitong County, Mayang Miao Autonomous County, Xinhuang Dong Autonomous county, Xinju Dong Autonomous county, Zhi Jiang Dong Autonomous county, Tongdao Dong Autonomous county, Jingzhou Miao and Dong Autonomous County 11.Yongzhou (5 counties) : Jianghua Yao Autonomous County xintian County Ningyuan County Jiangyong County Shuangpai County 12.Xiangxi tujia and miao autonomous prefecture (1 7 counties) : jishou LuXi fenghuang county baojing county ancient county Yongshun longshan county Flowers through county/coordinating editor: chun-xiang zhang statement: this article, all peer originator if there are sources of errors or infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of you, you can through the E-mail contact us, we will be handled in a timely manner.Email address: