Simmons for Bill deal is out!King James’ 18-year-old son is the owner, and Dream apologizes to Curry

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February 3, Beijing time, NBA games continue, today, like the Nets and Kings, blazers and lakers matchups, is the focus of the battle.In addition to the game, the league has three other important news, the following, the author for everyone one inventory introduction.First, the trade deadline is approaching, and it is reported that Philadelphia is considering simmons for Beal, and Beal has said that he will not refuse to be traded.Second, James’ eldest son Brownie, 18, has registered three trademarks to become the boss of three companies.Third, Draymond Green apologized to Curry for not being quick to congratulate him when he was named an All-Star starter.The NBA trade deadline is coming on February 10, and there is only one week left. In the next few days, teams are sure to make up for it, and many big moves are expected to be made.It’s no secret that Philadelphia will trade Simmons for Harden this offseason, but Harden has officially said he’s focused on playing for the Nets.So the chances of Philly getting Harden aren’t that great, and it’s safer to trade Simmons for another All-Star.Today, The Athletic’s David Aldridge and Josh Robbins reported that Philadelphia would be willing to trade Simmons for Beal, but The phillies are adamant that they won’t give The Wizards a young player like Seble or Maxie, and may opt to trade The pick instead.Beal is a better player than Simmons on an individual basis, his scoring ability is comparable to Harden’s, and he would be a great fit alongside Embiid.The deal is likely to happen, and Beal has made it clear that he won’t refuse to be traded by the Wizards, which means he’s willing to move to Philadelphia with Embiid.Embiid is having a great season. He missed out on the MVP award last year, and embiid is expected to win it back in 21-22.As of now, there are not many obstacles in Philly’s trade with the Wizards. It seems that the only thing left is for the two sides to negotiate a good deal. Both Simmons and Beal are willing to be traded, and their development would be better if they changed teams.Two, James 18-year-old son into the boss James in the past few games were absent, has 37, in 21-22, old zhan playing too many games, almost didn’t rest, eventually suffered injuries, it is understood that the old zhan will miss the next few games, don’t know what time can return, if miss games too much,I probably won’t even get my best one.In addition to the opportunity to play in the NBA, Browne also became the owner of three companies. He was only 18 years old. Thanks to The help of James, Browne had a bright future in business and basketball.According to Boardroom, Browne has filed three trademark registrations into NFT, gaming, and fashion.That is to say, in the future, James will be the boss of three companies, which is really impressive, I believe James also contributed a lot.Jayne has high hopes for Browne, and he probably still wants Browne to play in the NBA.Browne is not a highly talented player and is a mediocre draft prospect, but given James’ influence, it is expected that teams will be willing to take Browne and expand his commercial value.The Warriors have had a stellar season, with two players on the All-Star starting lineup, including Wiggins and Curry.Goji’s performance has finally been recognized, as he has become Curry’s biggest helper in the absence of Klay Thompson and deserves to be named an All-Star starter.It is worth mentioning that the Warriors also happened in a small episode.It’s hard to understand why Golden State’s draymond Green congratulated Wiggins and ignored Curry when he learned that wiggins and Curry were starting for the All-Star game.Curry mentioned it, and Draymond Green later explained that he was mostly so happy, so happy for Wiggins, that he forgot his teammate Curry was in the starting lineup.Draymond apologized to Curry twice and seemed sincere, which is one of the reasons for the team’s initial success.”I apologize again, Curry,” Draymond Green wrote on social media.In fact, the relationship between the dream and garage is very good, like a brother, pursue the most admired players is green garage, he could argue the coach, also has anger Dui Kevin durant, but the Treasury has been deferential, very respect, this forget to congratulate good brothers, pursue green is also a formal apology, believe that Treasury will not to heart.