Zhang Yimou’s wife posted a post;The new Batman is confirmed;The future of cinema lies in China: Jury at Berlin Film Festival

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Film News 8 p.m., 5-minute review of the film market.News details zhang wife post: the opening ceremony of the last few months, he drugs for February 14th morning, Chen ting in weibo post about zhang yimou as a director of the Beijing games opening and closing ceremonies and hard behind, “near the opening ceremony of the last few months is to rely on medicine in maintaining to pronounce words, blows hot and cold have a fever for a few days two layer of the quilt cover work during the day do not decrease.What is the price behind success?It is normal life, time for rest, health, life!”Chen Ting, a family member of Zhang Yimou, admitted that “probably no one will look forward to the end of the conference as MUCH as I do,” and finally said, “I know he won’t stop there. I just silently hope that his father can stay with us for a long time.”And many netizens also below the message says, “director zhang is the pride of China and Chinese people”, “as a guide for twenty years fans, very proud, but see zhang dao3 slightly hoarse throat, and that day was thin figure, and very love”, “sincerely hope he healthy and happy, for he brings us happy every artistic enjoyment and salute to families, thank you for your quiet devotion”.The 72nd Berlin Film Festival officially kicked off in China on Feb 10.At his first press conference on the opening day, said said bin Said, the festival’s juror, said the future of cinema should be in China.In recent years, many commercial films in China have achieved amazing box office. While highly entertaining, they have been pursued by the largest audience and discussed some topics with far-reaching significance.As an avid moviegoer, he thinks this is something he likes to see: people making entertaining films that make sense.A red scarf from the film Watergate Bridge of Chojin Lake, which is currently showing during the Spring Festival season, impreses the audience.Yu Dong, the film’s chief producer, said in a recent interview that the red scarf scene was designed with screenwriter LAN Xiaolong.A scarf, contains three layers of meaning: there are young feelings stirring, there are soldiers on the battlefield yearning for a better life, but also transmitted the volunteers of the invincible spirit of the soldiers!The movie watergate Bridge surpassed 3.4 billion yuan in box office after 14 days of release.On February 13, Jebsen, a leading producer of film and television rights, announced that it had made another big move to win a 1.8 billion yuan copyright licensing order from Tencent.According to the announcement, Jebsen Subsidiary Xinjiang Huaxiu recently signed the “film and television program licensing contract” with Tencent, the contract amount is: 1.8 billion yuan (including tax).In fact, Xinjiang Huaxiu authorized Tencent to enjoy the right of information network communication within the scope of the contract for the golden Age and other films and television programs with a total number of no less than 6,332.On February 10, LetV Internet Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. added a piece of information to restore the subject of execution of 1.29 billion yuan, the Beijing Third Intermediate People’s Court, the total amount of execution of the company is about 1.15 billion yuan, according to the company’s chacha APP.On Feb 14, it was announced that the romantic drama Will officially launch its movie version, with a poster showing the return of its directors, Chen Xiaoming and Zhang Pan, as well as its screenwriter duan Yule, while the leading cast has not yet been announced.The poster for the Japanese version of “The Hurt Locker 2” has been revealed and will be released in Japan from April 15.Directed by Litao Qiu and starring Andy Lau, Lau Ching-yun and Ni Ni, the film has grossed 1.314 billion yuan in the Chinese mainland since its release on Dec 24, 2020.New batman confirm the introduction on February 14, in mainland China, warner/DC confirm introduced the mainland of the new batman film, the film is 2 hours and 55 minutes, Robert pattinson, batman, zoe clavulanic, act the role of catwoman, Paul dano riddles, colin Farrell ACTS the role of penguins, matt reeves, directed film will release in North America on March 4,The schedule in mainland China is pending.That’s all for today’s evening news. Wish you all a happy life!China Film Annual Report (2021) Annual data Events Key words Tribute centennial of the founding of the Party Rural public benefit projection actor Production schedule Distribution cinemas regional co-production Go out ratings streaming media international market MORE¬© China Film News original article without permission