Yancheng, Jiangsu: strictly check gambling behavior, purify the social atmosphere

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“Bet” net “lose” long and not leak was always someone hold fluky psychology development zone public security act quickly barreled keep zero tolerance blow up gambling cases more resolutely eradicate gambling illegal crime soil build good public security environment raids Comprehensive renovation recently, the development zone public security bureau police, according to the “in place, a bottom, no blind area”,To the district, hotels, restaurants, chess and card rooms to carry out a raid inventory, strictly check the existence of gambling behavior, comprehensive purification of social morality.In the afternoon of December 5, step feng police station police through the visit and row, in a rented house was found to be “playing mahjong” gambling Chen Mou, Li Mou and other 4 people, involved in gambling funds 2900 yuan.Police seized gambling funds, gambling tools, summon 4 people to the bufeng police station for investigation.After checking, Chen mou, Li mou and other 4 people to participate in gambling illegal facts confessed.The four were fined 500 yuan each by public security authorities.On the afternoon of 22nd 5th, when the police patrol of step Feng police station, in the area of a store was found to be “fried golden flower” form of gambling Zhang, Huang and other 4 people, on the spot was found gambling funds more than 5000 yuan.The police seized gambling funds and equipment and summoned 4 people to the public security organs for investigation.After checking, Zhang mou, Huang mou and other 4 people confessed to illegal gambling facts.At present, the case is under further investigation.On August 5, xincheng police station received a report from the public that someone was gambling in the garage of a residential area under its jurisdiction.After receiving the police, the new city police station responded quickly, immediately organized police rushed to the scene, on the spot found 9 gathered involved in gambling personnel.After the trial, the homeowner Chen confessed to the illegal fact of providing conditions for gambling.At present, has imposed administrative detention on Chen 5 days of administrative punishment;Criticism and education shall be given to other persons who fail to meet the administrative penalty standards for gambling funds.Gambling is a social cancer, the root of all evil lose your humanity, affect your family, destroy harmony and endanger social stability is not allowed by the rule of law society next, Take you to understand how high the cost of gambling!We sincerely advise you to stay away from gambling while welcome the public to report to the police, report gambling around hand in hand to build a civilized, harmonious and safe social environment