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In recent years, China Publishing Media Business Daily has continuously launched the promotion activity of “Looking for Top 100 Publishing Teams”, hoping to bring more innovative, creative and executive teams working in the publishing industry from behind the scenes to the front of the stage and share their magic weapons and skills by digging and lighting up the bright brands and teams in the publishing industry.Development in harmony, huazhong university of science and technology press media center to strengthen product thinking good fusion marketing mix team members: 4 results: structures, all media matrix, the official account has its own fans millions, cooperation nearly one thousand, so fan cover than never, offline events over the field, a single video to watch the amount of nearly 1 million;Helped a variety of books to achieve millions of sales volume.In the context of the rapid development of the Internet and social platforms, the content industry has undergone earth-shaking changes. New media, new platforms and new models are constantly updated, while traditional content is constantly upgraded, bringing the publishing industry to a new track.Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press has realized the significance and importance of integrated development in the Internet era, and found new opportunities in time in keeping with the trend of The Times. It has established integrated Media Center as a pioneer of publishing and new media convergence to adapt to the new changes in publishing development.Since the establishment of the media Center, it has made great efforts to achieve full coverage from traditional media to new media channels.Build online media operation, offline activity operation, traditional media operation, brand cooperation and integration marketing ecology.Create the overall brand image of the publishing house by planning offline sharing meetings, creating cultural space, participating in exhibitions and public welfare activities, etc.Continuously expand new promotion platforms and marketing methods, from word of mouth dissemination, in-depth marketing, channel cooperation and other all-round empowerment of products, online and offline resources and channel integration, and constantly improve the efficiency of book communication.Promote the interactive connection and effective cooperation between content, platform and new media, achieve the purpose of rapid dissemination and realization of sales, and further truly realize the “four in one” of content, platform, marketing and sales.In 2021, rong Media team has made a lot of explorations in various emerging marketing channels such as graphic end and video end, and achieved remarkable results.The publishing market is changing rapidly, but high-quality product content is still the core.Rong media team will combine the market demand and product content, re-screen all the high-quality books of the company, select high-quality and appropriate products, and develop unique marketing plans for them.The team has a full insight into the changes and trends of Internet marketing, opened its own account on various platforms, and actively expanded the cooperation talent, and cooperated with various social organizations and media in the industry to build an all-media matrix.The official account has its own fans millions, cooperation nearly one thousand, so fan cover must, have offline events over the field, a single video to watch the amount of nearly 1 million, through integrating propaganda media matrix, published in 2021, a collection of “Wolf” series of books promotion effect is remarkable, 1 months to reach millions of ministrial incremental sales.With the constant change of publishing market environment and sales scene, commodity competition has entered the white-hot stage, and the price profit of books in the competition among various platforms has been greatly reduced.The media team has made in-depth analysis of the characteristics of each book product, developed a personalized publicity strategy for each book, avoided multi-platform price competition from the uniqueness of the product, and guaranteed the maximum exposure efficiency and reader reach rate of books.In August 2021, after 50, I Decided to “Run away from home” was launched. Based on the memory points of su Min, a million-year-old Internet celebrity blogger, a 50-year-old aunt, a woman and her mother, the author dug into Internet hotspots and cooperated deeply with major reading platforms, connecting the main line of the video blog to the mic.At the same time, offline sharing meetings of new books were held nationwide, and in-depth cooperation with bookstores in Chongqing, Shanghai and other cities was conducted.Through a series of publicity and promotion, the book exposure rate was increased, the new book was hit by tens of millions of people on the Internet, and many reports were read by more than 100,000 people.Since the establishment of the Media Center, the way of promoting academic works has been comprehensively upgraded.Promote academic books through new media channels, organize face-to-face activities such as forums, sharing meetings and communication meetings, build a bridge of communication between authors and readers, share stories in the creation process of academic books with simple words, and make academic books “approachable” and closer to the public life.For example, in the book “His Mission to Reform — An Oral History of Liu Daoyu”, liu Daoyu, the former president of Wuhan University, devoted his 30 years of educational experience and recalled the spirit and story of his pioneering education reform.The team made use of financial media channels to carry out comprehensive online and offline publicity, and held several exchange meetings to transfer the spirit of the old principal to more people, attracting a large number of new and old readers, and increased sales by 1.5 million yuan in half a year.First trial: Chen Lin review: Zhang Weite final trial: Song Qiang