Good guy colorful KM17, red and green matching tiger year is booming, and a customized keyboard into the pit

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DELUX colorful today lots of new products, ergonomic keyboard, headphones, speakers and other PC peripherals, new product KM17 customization keyboard let a person shine at the moment, bold color, tropical rain forests of sporting passion wild atmosphere, red thin green manure, is first name, meet now customization is a new one keyboard trend, create top-level configuration, energy gives strong interest for the player.KM17 customized keyboard, built-in three-mode link, full key hot swap, PBT wear resistant key cap;Three-mode connection can be multi-purpose, connected to four devices at the same time, using 2.4g/Bluetooth 5.0 dual-channel, wired and other three connection modes, so that the home experience of multiple scenes to choose.The back of the keyboard has a three-way outlet, clean desktop culture, according to the user’s own habits and desktop placement to choose the outlet direction.Let the player DIY is the shaft body, KM17 keyboard uses jiadalong G Yellow Pro shaft, for the linear shaft body, with extraordinary sensitivity and precision.Better factory lubrication, the shaft body gold contact process upgrade, the shaft core is more stable, shaking significantly reduced to improve oxidation resistance and anti-vulcanization performance, and then improve the service life of the shaft body, silk slide press, so that many mechanical keyboard enthusiasts choose this shaft body.In addition, the blank space key, for artificial adjustment of satellite shaft, compared with ordinary satellite shaft, elaborate set-up satellite shaft body and balance shaft body more stable performance, it is known that colorful engineers compared the keyboard, elaborate set-up satellite shaft with big keys you feel sense of balance allows more smoothly and not shaking, effectively improve tap on a handle, and reduce the noise big key.About the key feel, in addition to the shaft body, is the key cap material, the use of high purity PBT two-color key cap, feel delicate, wear-resisting degree is higher than the MARKET ABS key cap, use will not produce greasy feeling, clear character is not easy to wear.Internal structure of key cap, the upper layer is key cap, shaft body, positioning plate, upper cover, and the lower layer is silent cotton pad, PCB board, back cover, etc. In order to use a more intimate and comfortable feel, sandwich silencer cotton is used to bring pure button sound. The silencer cotton with thickness of 3.4mm is only attached to the iron panel, which can reduce the noise caused by knocking on the shaft body switch.Ensure that the sound of keyboard percussion is more pure and broken.After years of deep work in the field of human ergonomics, never let go of ergonomic design details, even in the face of heavy work, equipped with a detachable and mobile soft palm support, help the wrist in a comfortable position, naturally fit the hand support, so that the knock to maintain more smooth.At the same time set up the foot support, three height, according to the current demand to adjust the radian, find the best Angle.Wireless key cap, for many players or more to consider the battery life, DELUX colorful KM17 keyboard built-in 2000mah lithium battery, with the power consumption chip and energy-saving technology, simple and fast, according to the daily use of 4 hours of calculation, the state of turning off the light can be used for about 25 days, about 3 days under the state of turning on the light.Under the game state, one key macro can be said to be quite fast, KM17 can also according to the custom key function, do one key macro, set up shortcut keys, realize the combination of keys, race against time under the competition, save time, fast attack.Built-in full key conflict – free, millisecond response.Color matching, everyone is difficult to adjust, each have their own favorite, if it is you, you prefer the key cap color DIY, or DIY shaft body characteristics.* The above pictures are from the network material, if there is infringement can be contacted to delete