Fight the epidemic together and tide over the difficulties together!416 medical workers in The region have returned home

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On February 4th (the fourth day of the Lunar New Year), yuhang District nucleic acid sampling pioneer team successfully completed the task of supporting Fuyang and returned triumphantly!Starting from February 1 (the first day of the Chinese New Year), the sampling team sent 158 people (a total of 416 people, a total of 632 people) every day to eight sampling sites in Fuyang at 5 am to carry out nucleic acid sampling.A total of 74716 samples were collected for 4 consecutive days.At 4 o ‘clock in the morning of February 2nd, the sampling team of Yuhang No.2 Hospital was gathering before departure.Two citizens sent cakes and milk to cheer for the fighting warriors.Huge cakes, boxes of cakes, and boxes of milk filled the hall.The cake also has “2022 gather strength to aid Fuyang” framed words, enthusiastic citizens “love”, so that the present medical staff feel warm heart, career “happiness” arises spontaneously.Afterwards understand, these two love citizen is a pair of husband and wife that come from Liangzhu.His wife, Ms. Gao, was moved to tears when she saw the video of yuhang Second Hospital “going out to support Fuyang on New Year’s Day”.Later, she learned that the support troops of yuhang Second Hospital would go to Fuyang again on the second day of the New Year. Touched, she had the idea of personally making cakes for anti-epidemic medical care.That night, she and her friends started making cakes, and by the time they were finished, it was 1:30 the next day.They brought nearly 100 boxes of milk from home and went to yuhang No. 2 Hospital in the rain overnight. They just wanted to eat cakes made by themselves before the “anti-epidemic warriors” set off to show their respect to the medical staff.Skilled technique, reset within ten seconds “ah!Doctor, I can’t get my mouth back…”At 7:05 am on February 3rd (the third day of the Lunar New Year), the nucleic acid sampling pioneer team of Yuhang Second Hospital came to chunhua Cultural Hall in Fuyang District to carry out nucleic acid sampling work enthusiastically.During the sampling process, a grandmother in her 70s opened her mouth to receive nucleic acid sampling. The sampling process had been smooth, but she suddenly looked extremely nervous and kept her mouth open for a long time.Fortunately, one of the medical staff who collected nucleic acid for her was the stomatologist of Yuhang Second Hospital.”The grandmother was very embarrassed with her mouth wide open, chin protruding, saliva flowing…”Seeing this situation, stomatologist Zhang Weijing made a preliminary diagnosis that grandma should be nucleic acid sampling after opening the mouth caused the acute anterior dislocation of the TEMPORomandibular joint.Zhang Weijing, a member of the Communist Party of China (CPC), has been working in Yuhang Second Hospital for more than 9 years.”Grandma, I’m a stomatologist. Now just look ahead and try to relax…”She immediately identified herself and calmed her nerves, and with skillful manipulation, the dislocated TEMPORomandibular joint was successfully restored within 10 seconds.Soon, grandma slowly closed her mouth.”According to my grandmother’s own condition, it is very easy to relapse. I kept telling her that she should go to a nearby hospital again, and it is best to use a bandage to prevent recurrence or old dislocation.”Zhang Weijing repeatedly told the relevant matters needing attention.”Thank you ~ thank you so much for your yuhang doctors!I was scared to death just now!”Grandma thanked me profusely before she left.”Dad, where are you going?””What are you going to do?Zhang Yibin, an attending physician in the respiratory department of Yuhang Third Hospital, tried on protective clothing at home. He was surrounded by his two curious sons and kept asking questions.”Dad is going to work in Fuyang,” Zhang Answered patiently.Originally, a few hours ago, is playing with his son Zhang Yibin received a call to reinforce the nucleic acid sampling fuyang district.Worried about the size of the protective suit, Zhang drove to the hospital, took it home and tried it on carefully.”I’m too big to have protective clothing that suits me,” Zhang said with a laugh.Zhang Yibin’s eldest son leg fracture, is in need of people to take care of, this is zhang Yibin’s most at ease.”It’s ok, you go, son, don’t worry, we have”, family support solved Zhang Yibin’s worries, let him set out on the road to fight the epidemic without turning back.Ye Jianguo, Zheng Jianliang and Bai Dezhi are physicians from Liangzhu Hospital in Yuhang District. They were sent to Daocheng, Sichuan province, to carry out medical matching support since July last year. During the Spring Festival holiday, they returned to Hangzhou from Daocheng in order to have a reunion with their family members whom they had not seen for half a year.When they learned that Yuhang needed emergency medical personnel to assist the nucleic acid sampling work in Fuyang District, the three of them volunteered to participate in the task without hesitation.They said, “We’re on vacation anyway, so we can go whenever we need to!”As happy as a “belated reunion”!Hats off to the 416 retrograde heroes!Low “non-infected community” to create to (3) | disciplinary power sinking line escort “non-infected community” to create “” non-infected community” to create (4) | when the p5 streets for community built a solid “door” “red barriers” low “benefit” per mu in zhejiang province leader list released!Yuhang District four enterprises listed source/district Health bureau editor/Ren Fangfang