New Year’s Eve dining hall night, the explanation of TES ridiculous operation, Ning Wang can not help but ridicule

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Although the current LPL spring game is into a period of time in the offseason, but this offseason is destined to some teams will lead not too stable, the first is to get this year to strengthen the all-Chinese team TES.To begin with, why TES is doing badly today is being questioned even more than it was last year.For one thing, although LPL has won three world championships, each team of these three champions has two Korean double C players, not that these Korean players are not good.But buried in the hearts of our LPL fans that all Chinese class championship dream, has been quietly hidden.Now that LPL is strong enough, it is not impossible for us to win the world championship again in S12, but as for the champion, more LPL fans still hope that the whole Chinese class can win the championship.So this year’s excellent all-Chinese class includes RNG, TES and BLG, among which TES and RNG have the best chance to complete the dream belonging to all LPL fans, so if TES does not perform well now, there will be a lot of fans worried about their state.Although there is still RNG in the fight, but a strong all-Chinese team is also a hope, which division will be too strong local teams?The second is because of TES transfer matters this year, TES left hand as a top player, this year is also want to play a brother league.TES in the wild position above bought xiaopeng and small day, on the unit bought the duke.Duke as experience is more sophisticated, and mentality is stable, so the duke play or good.So TES of the two wild or a little problem, was originally in a bad state xiaopeng replaced xiaopeng, but xiaopeng can not stop the team’s decline after starting.So TES is not only a player’s problem, from BP to the tactical decisions within the team and the outrageous operation of players, it can be said that TES is now up to the management and down to the players, there are problems.In general, TES is a very high-profile company with high expectations, so it’s getting a lot of criticism from fans for not performing well.And it’s not just fans who are disappointed, some commentators and anchors are even more desperate.Because commentators and anchors have a better understanding of the game, they are better able to spot problems.In particular, we LPL’s official program Canteen New Year’s Eve, some commentary is more blunt ridicule TES problems, is a vocal program, so some commentary is not afraid of being with the rhythm.After all, we are trying to make our LPL team better, if we know there is a problem but don’t point it out, it is irresponsible for our career.Ning Wang has a good relationship with TES players, because xiao Tian and Knight are YM’s teammates, and Jack is a former teammate, so Ning Wang also said TES’s current BP problems.Outside there are two big core AD Jinkes and Ephielius, TES for many times preferred emperor son, BP stage can be said to be defeated opponents.Completely like can’t understand the true meaning of the version, so TES problems are quite a lot.But in fact it is precisely because TES has the strength of good results, this year’s lineup if not results, then estimated next year’s mariners will be invisible combination.So as fans, is the hope that TES can find the state, play their own level, rather than like now in the eleventh LPL.