Legend of Mi Yue: It is also an apology. Why did the King of Qin comfort Mi Shu but leave Mi Shu dead or alive

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In the TV drama Legend of Miyue, Mi Shu and Lady Wei also make mistakes due to their own reasons. When they go to apologize for their mistakes, why does the prince comfort Mi Shu but ignore the life of Lady Wei?Although lady Wei was the princess of the State of Wei, her status in the Qin Palace was somewhat awkward.When her sister was alive, she was 媵 daughter;The new queen has entered the palace. She is just a concubine lady Wei.She knew there was no way she could compete with Mi Shu for the heir to the throne, so she set her sights on helping her son Gong Zihua become crown prince.First, she recruited her courtiers and recommended Childe Hua to be crown prince, which made the King of Qin very disgusted.She then coaxed Childe Hua, contacted with the old clan, and obstructed shang Yang’s reform.As a concubine, she did not dare to murder her legitimate son, but she dared to contact the courtiers and ambush mi Shu on the way to marry the queen. She had better kill Mi Shu in one go and break off the marriage between Qin and Chu and straighten herself up.However, in the former court, gongsun Yan was the only one who had a close relationship with her.The only person she could rely on was Gongsun Yan. However, she offended Gongsun Yan for the sake of her loyalty. Gongsun Yan decided to go to Wei to compete with Zhang Yi because of his conflict with Zhang Yi.Lady Wei kneeled down to beg for mercy, because her every move affected the interests of the state of Qin and violated its bottom line.Therefore, she let her son attack the state of Wei, only to appease her anger.The power behind Mi Shu is cleaner than Lady Wei.First of all, Mi Shu was the queen of the state of Qin and gave birth to a legitimate son.So.In the eyes of the King of Qin, mi Shu’s actions were all aimed at strengthening her position and there was nothing wrong with her.Second, behind Mi Shu is the state of Chu.The king of Chu is stupid and incompetent, and the people of Chu are scattered. Zheng Xiu, a hahain, plays power in the future, Jin Shang plays power in the former court, and Zhaoyang is irritable. Qu Yuan, who can speak effectively, is not taken seriously by King Huai, so Chu cannot have any influence on Qin.Third, Mi Shu has a good sister Mi Yue.Mi Yue is mi Shu’s umbrella.If it had not been for Mi Yue, Mi Shu would have either died on the way to greet her relatives or died in Lady Wei’s calculation.However, Mi Shu did not realize it and had a conflict with Mi Yue.The relationship between the king of Qin and Mi Yue was very complicated. The king of Qin took Mi Yue as his wife’s pet and his daughter’s love, which was beyond the reach of all his concubines.Mi Shu did something wrong, Mi Yue moved a thousand pounds, and the prince forgiven Mi Shu.Fourth, Mi Shu’s IQ is low and she did not stir up the storm.Mrs Wei’s IQ is not high, but at least can make a mess of the harem, but Mi Shu really do what not.And shi bi is true or false, she can not tell;She did not buy and shi bi, just rob;And shi bi toxic, she has an antidote, secretly ate a few, make the whole palace of people know she has an antidote, clearly the poison is not her, can be 100% harem women, feel that she is poisoned.She just did not want to save Mi Yue, but let the King of Qin seal her jiaofang dian.Fifth, the Qin Palace has no secrets.She brought so many dowry, people casually planted the blame, she has no words.She had to make a copy of her dowry for the king to see.She thought her business was over, but her 媵 female Meng Zhaoshi went in.She had to plead guilty in order to clear herself.The king of Qin comforted Mi Shu not because he cared about mi Shu, but because he was sure mi Shu was not capable of causing chaos in her harem.And mi Shu’s mistakes were nothing compared with Lady Wei’s.In the name of Mi Yue, I comforted Mi Shu.