Liulin Mu village: conventional action is not out of shape, innovative action for actual results

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Yellow River News Network Luliang (Ma Jin) in order to protect the green forest and people’s safety, fire prevention and control mu town qingming the primary task, to build the people’s safety fortress.Routine action is not out of shape Mu cun do routine action, establish efficient prevention and control mechanism.First, we need to improve leading institutions.Set up forest fire prevention leading group, the secretary of the mayor is responsible for the implementation of the town party and government leadership contact village system.Layer upon layer of compaction responsibility, the responsibility of the main body to sign the responsibility, the village Lin long and natural village Lin long is the first responsible person of the village forest fire prevention.Second, strengthen publicity and guidance.Through banners, wechat, forest fire signs, loudspeakers and other ways to make civilized sacrifice, forest fire prevention, illegal consequences and other ideas deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.Third, early planning and early deployment.The town government and all villages have held many anti-epidemic and fire prevention deployment meetings during the Qingming Festival to formulate fire emergency plans and allocate personnel on duty and emergency response according to the best conditions to ensure rapid emergency chain response.Establish emergency fire fighting teams, and conduct fire emergency drills, improve the team’s practical operational capabilities.Mu village to make good use of the way of attack and defense, innovative prevention and control methods, promote the Qingming civilization worship sweep new fashion.First, “Guarding the spot” is the way.The town set up 46 forest fire check card point, sent 280 people 24 hours on duty.Implement forest fire prevention and epidemic prevention and control system, adopt “seven-step” work method (one stop, two sweep, three note, four talk, five questions, six check, seven release) to sweep code registration, publicity of laws and regulations, confiscation of fire, disinfection and other work.At the same time, warm heart replacement, with flowers replacement incense paper money.The second is the skill of “attack”.The first is “attacking the heart”.Guangfa forest fire protection bright card, explaining “with fire on the investigation, ignition on punishment, cause fire arrest”, and indicate the fire fighting telephone.The second is “land attack”.The prevention and control of multiple simultaneous, inspection team, law enforcement team out, the former of the card point on duty personnel on duty to supervise the situation, the latter on the market selling incense paper money for confiscation.At the same time, the town party secretary and the mayor of each department work random spot check, supervise and urge the personnel on duty.Mu village qingming fire prevention, epidemic prevention work all out, all day surveillance, dedication, put an end to all public safety risks.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: