Kongguo township to carry out the “removal of bad habits tree new wind” civilization worship propaganda activities

2022-05-29 0 By

Nehe media hub Lantern Festival is coming, to guide the village (house) people form a civilized, healthy, green, scientific and civilized way sacrifice, Kong Guo township communities in practice activities, adhere to the new era of civilization further enlarging the fresh air of the age, spread civilization idea, on the “bad habits and behavior” continue, to carry out the “bad habits and behavior” civilization campaign.Kongguo township organization volunteer service team through the distribution of leaflets for publicity, called on the masses of villages (residents) civilization sacrifice do not burn incense paper, to avoid fire hazards.People should remember their loved ones in simple ways, such as family memorial, writing messages and making missing cards, and replace traditional physical sacrifice with spiritual inheritance.Through the development of the propaganda activities of civilized sacrifice, it can not only cultivate and establish the people’s consciousness of consciously maintaining the ecological environment, but also enable them to take the initiative to become the advocate and disseminator of the wind of civilization, and make the consciousness of “protecting the environment and civilized sacrifice” deeply rooted in people’s hearts.Source: Nehe City Kongguo Township Party building micro platform “Nehe News” broadcast schedule premiere time: 18:00 replay time: 21:00 the next day 6:30 12:30 Network content professionals illegal behavior special report mailbox:nhdst2005@163.com public number graphic video source Nehe City rong media Center (Nehe City radio and television station) welcome to reprint prohibit embezzlement