2021 Anhui Regional Annual Meeting and new product ordering meeting of Saifel Jewelry was successfully held

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Build a dream future and forge ahead.On January 17, 2022, Saifel Jewelry 2021 Anhui Regional Annual Meeting and new product Ordering Meeting came to a successful end!Ms. Zhang Yali, President of Anhui Gold and Jewelry Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Zhao Fenghua, Secretary General;Executive of Safire Jewelry;Anhui provincial agents, franchisees and partners gathered together to review 2021 brand development events, discuss the way of brand development, brand strategy, market planning, terminal layout, operation and management and other aspects of a comprehensive and in-depth exchange, draw a new chapter of brand development in 2022!Looking back on 2021, there are both opportunities and challenges. In the face of the global epidemic and many challenges under the new economic tide, Safire jewelry has not been in turmoil and has taken the lead in carrying out all-round brand reform.To establish a unique and sustainable development of the new supply chain industry ecology in the industry, over the years, Saifel Jewelry adhere to the concept of innovation in inheritance, development in innovation, all the way forward, creating one after another eye-catching brilliant achievements in the industry.Up to now, The number of National franchise stores of Saifel jewelry has broken through more than 2000, and it ranks among the first-line array of national jewelry brands. The future is promising and the future is bright!In 2022, Saifel jewelry will increase resources into brand building, constantly research and develop new products, open up new channels, innovate communication methods, and strengthen team building. Together with all partners who support, trust and support Saifel, we will seek common development, win-win cooperation and create brilliant achievements!On the spot of the annual Meeting, Senior executives of Safir company had in-depth and efficient communication with franchisees, agents and partners in Anhui region.Safire jewelry as based on no gold solder, the category of the development of the brand, complied with the current trend of the development of the market, product quality good, is various in style, unique design, these all let more consumer recognition, buy more at ease, the concept of “buy gold to safire”, has been etched into the national consumer heart,In addition to the strong brand influence and popularity, as well as adhering to the “big brand, big event, big platform” marketing strategy, making the sales performance in 2021 Anhui region continued to grow steadily, for 2021 handed in a satisfactory answer!Franchisees and agents have said that there are difficulties, we can not lose confidence, there are obstacles, we can not lose morale, under the decision of the head office of Saifel, under the joint efforts of all partners, anhui regional development has reached nearly 100 stores,This is the result of our joint efforts, common struggle, do not abandon, do not give up!Looking back on the development of 2021, we are full of fighting spirit, full of confidence in the future of Saifel Jewelry, and said that they will continue to work together with Saifel jewelry, comprehensively improve the competitiveness of the brand, and occupy a larger local market share!In the warm atmosphere of the Annual meeting in Anhui region, Saifel Jewelry held a new line ordering party at the same time, a dazzling array of new products detonated the audience, “solder free gold” hundreds of new products shine!In order to meet the Peak season of the Spring Festival, Saifel jewelry prepared a variety of new series of products — containing auspicious culture, inheritance of thousands of ancient technology “Chuangshijin” new series;Cool trend, exquisite and elegant “Jing Dazzle Gold” boutique Wanzu series;Full of love blessing “My family happy” 6GD silk series;Romantic modern chart of “love” series, and through the “happy”, “fu” and “luck” as the theme of design “xi to blessing to good luck to” series, etc., from the aspects of design, design, meet the demand of the ages of the Spring Festival shopping, the design novel, excellent quality, exquisite workmanship of the products, make the attendees to behold,Full of beautiful things in eyes, shining in the order will be the scene, is a small jewellery, we all choose, order, order, the place, bubbling, a laughter, atmosphere unusually hot, everyone for the Spring Festival season, prepared the sufficient supply of goods, we believe that these do not formality, do not fall common in aesthetic, different quality on the market of the products,Will detonate festival carnival, lead the new trend of industry development, and create sales miracle!On the New Year’s Day of 2022, Saifel once again joined hands with CCTV, strongly landed and fully “dominated screen” ccTV-13 news channel “Weather forecast” column, empowered more than 2000 terminal stores across the country, injected strong power for the brand’s development in the New Year.This not only highlights the ambitious ambition of the enterprise to lead the reform and development of the gold industry, further verifies the determination and confidence of the brand to become stronger and bigger, strengthens the brand image of Safir, but also will greatly enhance the competitiveness and influence of Safir in the terminal market.Safire jewelry group photo annual meeting in 2022, anhui area safire jewelry will continue with the aid of national authoritative media, to further enhance the brand image and reputation, continue to expand the terminal market construction and market resource planning, accelerate the offline stores accounted for each area, to greater market share, better allocation of resources, more advanced marketing mode,Rapidly improve the influence and market share of Saifel jewelry!In 2021, we stood together through thick and thin and made fruitful achievements.In 2022, we will work together with full energy to make new strides and rise, and write a new glorious chapter.