Why did Qin Shi Huang Ying Zheng call himself “I”? If you open the word “I”, you will understand

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Who is the most self-proclaimed person in the world?That should belong to the ancient emperors.Some of them feel lonely at the top and like to call themselves “I”;Some people call themselves “gu” to show their modesty. These titles are easier to understand, but there is one emperor’s claim that many people do not understand. That is the title “I”.The self-proclaimed emperor has been around since the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty, and subsequent emperors have copied his example by calling themselves “I”.Why did Ying Zheng, who unified the Central Plains, choose this word to refer to himself?Why can’t ordinary people call it that?There is a story to this.It is well known that Qin Shi Huang led his troops to sweep away the chaos caused by wars in the six states and unified the Central Plains.It ended the protracted war and brought a happy and healthy life to the residents in dire straits.After qin Shi Huang ascended the throne, he abolished all previous systems and established a centralized feudal system.This system lasted for thousands of years in China’s feudal society, so it can be seen that Qin Shihuang was a man with deep and far-sighted ideas.Under the rule of Qin Shi Huang, the Central Plains became more and more prosperous.Looking at the land he had built, Qin Shi Huang was very proud.He thought that all the emperors had passed away, and that he was the enlightened king who had created thousands of generations.Therefore once the emperor for their own name can not be used, must think of a enough domineer, imposing manner, but also to highlight their ability to claim.However, just as the poem said, “cherish qin Emperor han Military, slightly lost the literary talent”, in the literary word, Qin Shi Huang did not have too much talent, he was better at leading the army to fight, planning.But qin Shi Huang was not very good at this, but he knew how to use talent.At that time, Li Si from the state of Chu was a minister under qin Shi Huang.Therefore, the First Emperor of qin gave him this difficult problem and ordered him to find a grand and high-grade address.02 “I” in ancient times the meaning of the word Li Si did not live up to expectations, really found such a self-proclaimed “I”.Want to say this I word, is also at that time people of their own name, was the common people can use the title.But it’s not used as often as, say, “humble person” because it’s so irrelevant.And Li si chose this word, but also from the composition of the emperor to find out.As we know, the Chinese characters in use today have evolved over thousands of years.At that time, therefore, I did not consist of the moon and the pass as written today, but of the boat and the fire.The so-called boat character, nature can not do without water, and when it comes to water, it can not do without our mother river – the Yellow River.In ancient times, people in the Central Plains depended on the Yellow River. Many people lived along the River, and the Yellow River was the mother river in their hearts.Because the ancient transportation was not developed, the only way to cross the river was by boat.And the word boat also means a kind of ruling for water source, ruling water source also means ruling the lifeblood of people.People can not live without water, can not do without the boat, so say, the importance of the boat is self-evident.The word “fire” is even less difficult to understand.Fire is a symbol of hope, but fire can bring both hope and disaster.So fire was later extended as a symbol of power.Therefore, it is fitting that Qin Shi Huang chose this word to represent himself.Therefore, Li Si chose the word “I” for Emperor Qin Shi Huang to choose.His interpretation of the word was deeply appreciated by the First Emperor of Qin.So after the ministers discussed, everyone said that this word can best reflect the emperor’s noble status, should use this word to refer to the emperor.So it was decided that from now on the word “EMPEROR qin shi Huang” could only be used as the name of himself, and ordinary people could no longer use it.If anyone uses it again, it means that anyone who wants to usurp power and sit on an equal footing with the emperor must be beheaded.Since then, the emperors have also identified with this word, so the tradition has been handed down.Such rules to now also established, basically no one will call me.Other Interpretations of the Emperor According to the Dokdo, “The ancient people, both high and low, called me the Emperor.” This means that before the Qin and Han Dynasties, I was indeed claiming to be modest.In fact, in qu Yuan’s “Li SAO”, he also used me as his humble title.After arriving at Qin Shi Huang, after everybody’s discussion, it had another heavy meaning.Some experts analyzed that the qin Shi Huang’s surname was Ying and his name was Zheng.Thus Ying Zheng used me as a modest title, but at the same time he had something left.Since the pronunciation of “zheng” and “I” is similar, qin Shi Huang used zheng to express his supreme rule over politics and his ambition to create a lasting generation.A final explanation is based on the similarity between the pronouncements of “zheng” and “emperor”, which means omen.Because the ancients did not have advanced scientific knowledge, they were very in awe of all kinds of nature, and were also very keen on fortune-telling and divination to obtain information, especially for some so-called signs, but also as if they were gods.I am a sign, a prophet who knows the oracle.In this way, people can gain more worship.As a result, the status of the emperor was elevated a lot, and the immortals in the sky were on an equal footing.This is in line with the ancient people’s reverence for the Son of Heaven and their belief in the unity of heaven and man.Either way, the end result is the same.Later generations of emperors recognized me as a symbol of their accomplishments, a way to show off without being too arrogant.That’s why the name has been passed down for thousands of years, so much so that most emperors in costume films and TV dramas today use it to refer to themselves.There are different opinions on the evaluation of The First Emperor of Qin.Some people thought that he was cruel and showed no mercy to innocent people and scholars.Others found his late fantasies of immortality laughable;Others felt that his lavish construction of mausoleums, terracotta warriors and the Great Wall was a waste of money and people.Many more, of course, credit him with unifying the chaos of war, ushering in a brief but valuable period of peace, and establishing a centralized system that lasted for thousands of years.In fact, his choice of the word I as a substitute, also shows his wisdom and ability, worthy of the emperor of the ages.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete!