Do not forget the original heart Burma hero, Hunan the most beautiful new township xian Chen Liming for the martyrs of the tomb adhere to 40 years

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Qingming festival is another year, martyrs send grief in front of the tomb.On the morning of March 26, Hunan Xinxiang Xian, xuefeng mountain tourism company founder Chen Liming led his family, brave rain came to huaguo Mountain of xupu county two martyrs’ tombs, put on tribute, lit paper money, holding incense, solemn to lie down here two martyrs three bow.This is the 40th time he and his family have come here to sweep the graves of martyrs.Gong Quhu and Shan Deyuan, two pilots of unit 2959 from Liaoning and Hubei provinces, were buried here.In June 1981, on the way back from a training mission, the plane broke down. In order to protect people’s lives and property, the two people gave up the chance to escape by parachuting. Finally, the plane was destroyed.Since 1982, No matter where he works, Chen Liming takes time to bring his children to pay homage to martyrs on the eve of Qingming every year.His memory of this heroic, heroic action moved the local Party committee, the government and the people.Appropriated xupu county people’s government in 2018 for the two martyrs and XuPu final resting place of the red land close to the long march, the Anti-Japanese War, liberation, however, and construction period, giving the tomb of the martyrs for repair and strengthen the management, there are many heroes all over the country name be placed in the family ancestral temple, accept the younger generation of sacrifice and worship like ancestors.Now, these mausoleums and ancestral halls have become invaluable resources for “red tourism”.Chen Liming told me: “The martyrs who died for the country should never be forgotten!Respect for the hero is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, is our eternal eternal spiritual food.Every year, I bring my children to make a collection of incense, so as to pass on this act of remembering the martyrs from generation to generation.Now when we engage in tourism development, we should also keep the people in mind. Through tourism, we will help revitalize rural areas, make our fellow villagers rich and happy, and comfort these heroic souls!”(Ha Hee-hyung)