A sudden!Tesla Recalls more than 26,000 cars in China1.47 million vehicles were recalled a month in the United States

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“Ghost Brake” was investigated in the United States, car recalls due to quality problems, and stock prices plummeted.In recent days, electric car giant Tesla has been at the center of a new wave of controversy.According to the news of the State Administration for Market Regulation on February 18, Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. filed a recall plan with the State Administration for Market Regulation in accordance with the Requirements of the Regulations on The Management of Defective Automobile Product Recall and the Implementation Measures of the Regulations on the Management of Defective Automobile Product Recall.Starting today, Tesla will recall 26,047 Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles manufactured in China between December 28, 2020 and January 15, 2022.Tesla China recalled 26000 of domestic Model 3 and Y electric car on February 18, state market supervision administration said in a news release, a few days ago, tesla (Shanghai) co., LTD. According to the defect automobile product recall management ordinance and the measures for the implementation of defect automobile product recall management regulations of the requirements, the state administration for the record to the national market recall plan.The electronic expansion valve of heat pump of some vehicles within the scope of this recall will move slightly when positioning. Because the software (2021.44 to 2021.44.30.6) has no correction function, the valve may be partially opened, the heat pump compressor may stop working, and the heating function in the vehicle may fail in the long term.In the above state, especially when the temperature outside the vehicle is below 10 degrees below zero, the operation of the windshield defrosting system cannot reach the defrosting effect stipulated by the relevant national laws and regulations. The decline of the defrosting function has a negative impact on the driver’s vision, thus increasing the possibility of collision risk when the vehicle is driving in cold weather, and there are potential safety hazards.Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will upgrade the software of vehicles covered by the recall through OTA technology, so that users can complete the recall without going to a store.For vehicles that cannot be recalled through OTA technology, Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will contact relevant users through tesla Service center to upgrade the software for free to eliminate safety risks.Data disclosed on the Website of the State Administration for Market Regulation showed that this is the third time since December that Tesla has recalled domestic electric vehicles.On December 3, 2021, Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. recalled 21,599 Domestic Model Y electric vehicles, mainly involving steering knuckle problems.On December 31, 2021, Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. recalled some Domestic Model 3 electric vehicles, a total of 144,208, mainly involving the trunk cover problem;Meanwhile, Tesla Motors (Beijing) Co., Ltd. recalled some imported Model S electric vehicles, totaling 19,697 units (mainly related to the latch of the front spare compartment), and some imported Model 3 electric vehicles, totaling 35,836 units (mainly related to the trunk cover problem).Tesla recalled 1.47 million cars in the United States in a month. In the United States, Tesla recalled a larger scale. According to incomplete statistics, Tesla has launched 4 recalls in the United States in less than a month from late January to now, involving more than 1.47 million cars.On February 10, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that Tesla had recalled 578,600 electric vehicles due to audio problems.The recall covers Tesla Model S, Model X and Model Y models built between 2020-2022 and Model 3 models built between 2017 and 2022.Boombox mode allows the vehicle to play audio through an external speaker while it is moving, which may mask the sound from the pedestrian warning system.Tesla is recalling more than 817,000 vehicles because of a safety belt problem, the NATIONAL Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced on Monday.If the driver does not fasten his seat belt after the vehicle starts, the buzzer will not activate and the seat belt warning will not ring.It is the largest recall in Tesla’s history.Tesla’s global sales in 2021 rose about 87.4 percent year-on-year to 936,000 vehicles.The recall represents 87% of its annual sales.The recall affects all four models sold by Tesla.That includes Model S and Model X from 2021 to 2022, Model 3 from 2017 to 2022, and Model Y from 2020 to 2022.In addition, On January 26, Tesla recalled 54,000 vehicles in the United States because of the autopilot parking feature;On February 1, Tesla recalled 26,700 vehicles because its defrosting and fogging systems failed.The massive recall of cars is just one of many problems facing Tesla.Tesla’s more troubling problem now has to do with the “ghost brake” incident.The latest news that the US has launched an investigation into Tesla’s “ghost brake” has led to a sharp drop in the company’s stock price.Tesla shares plunged 5.09 percent on Feb. 17, wiping $48.6 billion off its market value in a single day to $905.7 billion.On February 17, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that it has begun an investigation into Tesla’s autopilot assistance system, involving 416,000 vehicles in 2021 and 2022 Model 3 and some Model Y models.The agency had received complaints that tesla’s Autopilot, the company’s Autopilot driver assistance system, had unexpectedly activated its brakes.This phenomenon is often referred to as “Phantom Braking”. When the user switches on the self-driving assist system of a Tesla car, the car will brake suddenly and without warning. Many car owners are worried about rear-end collisions at high speeds.NHTSA says it has received 354 complaints about phantom brakes in the past nine months.In the three months to February 2nd alone, there were 107 complaints related to the phantom brake.That compares with 34 complaints in the past two years.It is understood that although this “ghost brake” complaints, no casualties reported.But since 2016, NHTSA is aware of at least 33 crashes involving Tesla “autopilot,” which killed 11 people.In its report, NHTSA said its office of Defects Investigation has been conducting a preliminary investigation into the unintended braking problem to determine the scope and severity of potential problems and to fully assess potential safety issues.Despite frequent problems, Tesla still enjoys strong sales growth thanks to its world-leading autonomous driving technology and strong cost control ability.For all of 2021, Tesla delivered 936,200 vehicles, up 87 percent from 2020, according to earnings data.Among them, Shanghai Gigafactory delivered 484,000 units for the year, up 235 percent year on year, accounting for 51.7 percent of global deliveries.In 2021, The Shanghai Gigafactory contributed to the delivery of more than 160,000 vehicles to overseas markets, meeting the demand of more than 10 countries in Europe, Asia and other countries.The Shanghai Gigafactory has become tesla’s main manufacturing and export center.In 2021, Tesla achieved revenue of 53.823 billion US dollars, up 71% year on year;Net profit of 5.519 billion US dollars, about 34.883 billion yuan, up 665% year on year;This is the first time tesla has posted a profit for the second consecutive year since going public.During the earnings call, Musk said Tesla deliveries could easily grow by more than 50% in 2022, with fully autonomous driving this year.According to the latest sales data released by Auto China, Tesla China had a “good start” to 2022 with 59,845 vehicles delivered in January this year.It is worth mentioning that tesla exports reached 40,500 units in January, accounting for nearly 80% of China’s new energy vehicle exports.Recently, Tesla’s second factory project also caused market attention.On February 12, the “Liaoning Release” public account, sponsored by the General Office of the Liaoning Provincial People’s Government, published an article titled “Five Measures to revitalize and develop the Greater Eastern District of Shenyang”, mainly introducing the “five measures” to revitalize and develop the greater Eastern District of Shenyang, Liaoning Province.”In combination with the urban renewal of the civil service area, open up the space for industrial development, and lay the foundation for tesla and other major new energy vehicle projects.”A number of media reported that this may be the long-rumored second factory of Tesla in China may be located in the Eastern district of Shenyang.Currently, Tesla’s only factory in China is located in Shanghai, which is tesla’s first gigafactory overseas.In response to media reports that Tesla’s second factory in China will soon be located in Shenyang’s Dadong District, Tesla China said that this is not true information.At present, the source “Liaoning release” has deleted the relevant content.Late last year, Musk said Tesla would build a second factory in Asia.After the release of the news, triggered speculation.Tesla also said it will start site selection for a new factory in 2022 and will decide on a site for the new factory in 2023.Shenyang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Qingdao, Xi ‘an, Hefei and Wuhan have been rumored to be connected to Tesla’s second factory in China.Editor: Constant tactics