“Winter Olympics coming” Chongli Taizicheng village villager Li Guo: Thanksgiving winter Olympics eagerly looking forward to the grand event

2022-05-27 0 By

Li Guo, a 72-year-old resident of Taizicheng Village, cleans a coffee table and fills a fruit plate with peanuts and melon seeds at qinghe Garden, a residential area for relocation of Taizicheng village in Chongli, South China’s Guangdong Province, Feb. 3, 2018.He is looking forward to the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, even more than the first day of the Chinese New Year — because that night, waiting for years of Beijing Winter Olympics will open, he can not resist the urge to cheer for the Winter Olympics, cheer for his hometown!”My family owes all of our happiness to the Beijing Winter Olympics.To say nothing else, I would say that when I was still living in the village, I was very happy during the Spring Festival with a chill of nine points — our ancestors and generations suffered from the remote cold.”Vivianlulu said, after the move to the city, he lived three rooms one hall, capacious and bright and warm buildings, and his wife lived a pensioners city life, every day from earth BaoShi becomes a grandson, grass, flower to wait for a school and neighbors play chess, walk, now still can comfortably waiting to watch the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony on live TV, indescribably happy.His grandson, Li Xiang, has also become a hardcore fan of the Games.In chongli winter Olympics core closed loop before, Li Guo once took time to take a grandson to see.”Snow Ruyi”, Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village, Taizicheng high-speed railway station, they all feel “opened eyes”.After his winter vacation, Li Guo often took him for a walk on the streets of Chongli city, explaining to him the signs and mascot signs of the Winter Olympics.”I also dream of being a skier when I grow up,” he said.Li’s son, Li Haisen, works at the Genting Ski resort, which is home to the Genting Ski Park, one of Beijing’s Olympic competition venues.More than half a month ago, his son regretfully told him that he also had to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games service security work, need to be closed in the ski resort for three or four months, can not go home to accompany the old man for the Spring Festival.Li didn’t blame her son at all. “Don’t think about home, we’re all fine!It’s an honor for your family to serve the Winter Olympics on our doorstep.You must do well, for the country, for our worship of honor!”(Zhao Ruixue, hebei Daily reporter) Pay close attention to Hebei News network for the latest news in Hebei.