Ma Sichun was photographed cooking at home, her lower abdomen protruding obviously suspected of being pregnant, and her thick thighs still insisted on fitness

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Recently, famous actress Ma Sichun posted a dynamic, she has been busy studying food recently, and also posted her own finished products, blunt: “Ma’s chow mein, delicious licking plate.”Ma Sichun was wearing long thin sleeves, an apron, short hair and white skin. He was cooking vegetables carefully.This photo is taken by ma Sichun and is in her own home. The person who took the photo is probably her boyfriend.In the boyfriend’s perspective photo, ma sichun seems to have put on a lot of weight, and what’s more interesting is that she has a noticeable bulge in her lower abdomen, which has sparked speculation that she is pregnant.A close look at Ma Sichun’s lower abdomen, from the visual effect, is indeed swollen than before a circle, but also a bit round, coupled with Ma Sichun now “home leisure” appearance, had to cause everyone’s suspicion.Many users left comments asking: “Is she pregnant?”Someone even said it looked like she was about to give birth.”Of course, some fans explained for Ma sicchun that she was still clocking in to work out in November and December, so it was impossible to do so quickly.A check of Ma’s social media accounts revealed that she had been clocking in and running for the past two months, as fans had claimed, including a recent photo of her face, her hair covered in sweat.In another photo, you can see Ma Sichun’s whole body, dressed in black tights, thighs are particularly thick, the whole person is as fat as ever.In the following two months, Ma Sichun did not take the initiative to take a full-body photo, but there were paparazzi photos, she actually did not give up the fitness, and recently also appeared with friends, styling and sporting style.Unfortunately, in terms of results, there seems to be no significant change.Her legs, in particular, were stronger than anyone else’s.Since last year, Ma Sichun has been repeatedly reported to be pregnant, with a ring of fat in her lower abdomen, which is not the normal state of a female star.Rumors that Ma sichun would marry her boyfriend Zhang Zhexuan were trending on the same day, but neither of them denied it.At the same time, Ma sichun and his mother are looking at the new villas, all the details are a sign of good things to come.This shows that Ma Sichun is often rumored to be pregnant, is not a net friend whimsical.In recent years, Ma sichun’s career has been on the decline, and her new boyfriend has attracted much ridicule. The gap between ma and her sister Zhou Dongyu is getting wider and wider.Now see Ma Sichun return to a calm life, have their own rhythm, no matter what, bless her.