More than 5,200 Chinese nationals in Ukraine have been safely evacuated from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry

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On March 28, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin held a regular press conference.Question: This morning, the 20th temporary flight for Chinese nationals evacuated from Ukraine arrived safely in Fuzhou from Bucharest, capital of Romania.Can the spokesperson give us more details?Wang Wenbin said that Ukraine is deteriorating, the foreign ministry and embassy in Ukraine, Odessa consulate general of the first to start the consular protection emergency mechanism, to implement “diplomacy for the people” concept, and in the Chinese compatriots, try their best to coordinate resources and to protect the safety of citizens in China, and to help them in various ways and orderly evacuation safety.Chinese embassies in Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus and other neighboring countries of Ukraine have worked closely with their Chinese counterparts in Ukraine to provide assistance for Chinese citizens’ entry and clearance, temporary resettlement and temporary flights.Wang wenbin said that more than 5,200 Chinese nationals in Ukraine were evacuated to neighboring countries. All of them were safe except one who was injured during the road trip and has been treated.More than 4,600 Chinese nationals who had been evacuated to neighboring countries took 20 temporary flights arranged by the Chinese government to return home.All compatriots in Ukraine and neighboring countries have helped each other to tide over difficulties.The overseas students’ organizations and overseas Chinese associations assisted in completing the evacuation work for many times, carrying forward the fine tradition of the Chinese nation in helping people in distress and showing the fine quality of unity and mutual assistance of the Chinese people.In organizing the evacuation of Chinese citizens, The Ukrainian government and all sectors of society have offered friendly assistance, and Russia, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Belarus and other countries have also provided valuable support, Wang said. China expresses heartfelt gratitude to the governments and people of all countries.Now the evacuation of Chinese nationals in Ukraine has come to an end, but the journey to protect the safety and legitimate rights and interests of overseas compatriots is “always on the way”.Going forward, the Foreign Ministry and Chinese embassies and consulates abroad will continue to actively promote the establishment of consular protection mechanism, continue to build a “Safe China overseas”, and take concrete actions to tell every overseas compatriots that we are with you and the motherland is behind you, no matter what time and where you are, Wang said.(Zhao Jingkong, CCTV reporter) Source: