3.4 billion!Chongqing Science City Ecological Water System Demonstration Project (Phase II) PPP project was launched

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The demonstration project of ecological water system in science City is advancing rapidly.On December 23, 2021, the Public Notice of the Candidate winning the Bid for the General Contracting and Operation Management of the Ecological Water System Demonstration Project of Science City (Phase I) project was published. The project includes the north bank area of The Hanhu tributary of Liangtan River, the Baohonghe Tributary, the Benlukan tributary, the Huxi River tributary,There are three river basins: Lianhuatan River tributary Zengjia Area, Lianhuatan River tributary Zengjia area, Jinfeng area and Zuma area.According to the bidding announcement, the science city ecological water system demonstration project (phase I) adopts the project general contractor plus operation management mode, and the operation and maintenance period is 8 years. The project is composed of three rivers in different regions, namely :(1) point source pollution control project in baishi yigu area of liangtan river trunk stream;(2) Huxi River tributaries point source pollution control project and internal source pollution control project;(3) Point source pollution control project and internal source pollution control project in Zengjia Area, Jinfeng Area and Zouma Area, tributaries of Lianhuatan River.The specific construction scale and contents are as follows :(1) north bank area of liangtan river tributaries containing lakes, baohong river tributaries and benlukan tributaries.Construction of 2457m sewage interception pipeline (DN400~DN600), 14 sewage interception renovation points, 2 existing decentralized sewage treatment facilities.(2) Tributaries of Huxi River.The project of pollution interception and pipe intake, construction of river pollution interception main pipe 7274m (DN1000~DN1200), of which, excavation support buried pipe 1514m, pipe jacking along the river 5911m, pipe jacking working Wells (φ 6000) 43, pipe jacking receiving Wells (φ 4000) 43;6 sewage interception and transformation points, 4 intercepting Wells, 332m transformed pipelines (DN400~DN800) and 1 integrated lifting pump station (8000m3/d) were implemented.Internal source control project, water conservancy project river dredging 41000m3, set up 2 temporary dehydration stations.Huxi River sediment temporary storage yard and dewatering station layout (3) Lianhuatan River tributaries Zengjia area, Jinfeng area, Zouma area.Sewage interception pipe project, new sewage pipe (D400 ~600) 10472m, new rainwater pipe (D400 ~600) 1928m, sewage pipe (D600) excavation and repair 1111m, 3 intercepting Wells;Internal source control project, water conservancy project river dredging 4593m3, set up 2 temporary dehydration stations.It is understood that the total investment of the first phase of the project is 230,811,700 yuan. The main project is the construction of 47,826 meters of sewage interception pipeline, 13 intercepting Wells, 6 sewage interception transformation points, 3 integrated lifting pump stations, 50,370 square meters of green maintenance, 3880 meters of new rainwater pipeline, 6,0020 cubic meters of silt removal, etc.At present, the project is accelerating implementation.On February 11, the bidding notice for consultation services of the Science City Ecological Water System Demonstration Project (Phase II) PPP Project was published on the Internet, indicating that the phase II project has been started.Show that in the west of a project subject to tender according to the content of the tender announcement (chongqing) science city ecological water system demonstration project (phase ii) has been developed from chongqing high-tech industry reform and development in chongqing high-tech development zone management committee to be 6 approved the construction, the project owner for chongqing high-tech development construction investment group co., LTD., money from financial capital construction, project investment proportion is 100%,The bidder is Chongqing High-tech Development & Construction Investment Group Co., LTD.The project has met the bidding conditions, now the PPP project consulting service of the project is open for bidding.According to the introduction, the project construction site for the west (Chongqing) science City.Project Overview and Construction scale:The project is located within 313 square kilometers of the core area of Science City. The core area includes drainage treatment, rainwater and sewage diversion transformation, current pipe network repair, new construction, sewage treatment plant construction, and solid waste recovery and utilization, mainly involving 70 kilometers of four main streams of Liangtan River, Lianhutan River, Huxi River and Daxi River.57 tributaries, 168 kilometers and 32 headwaters of lake and reservoir dredging, dredging, ecological restoration, lake and reservoir connection, etc.The estimated investment amount of this bidding project is 3.4 billion.The scope of this bidding is to identify, sort out and plan the projects included in PPP mode implementation, prepare the feasibility study report of the project and obtain relevant approval documents to ensure the legal compliance of the project implementation;To provide opinions and suggestions for the government to establish and improve specialized decision-making and implementation institutions;Complete value for money evaluation and financial endurance demonstration;Conduct market tests on PPP projects and propose suggestions on the core boundary conditions of transactions;Complete the preparation of the implementation plan, pass the examination of relevant departments, and obtain the approval of the management Committee;To complete the agency work of social capital bidding;Draft and assist the government side to sign PPP project contracts and supporting agreements with the winning social capital side, that is, complete the PPP project identification, preparation and procurement phase of all the process related consulting services.The construction period shall be 640 calendar days, and the defect liability period shall be 24 months.Where: R design period: R construction drawing design 90 calendar days;R Construction period: 550 calendar days.The project is explicitly not segmented.According to introducing, demonstrative project of science city ecological water system 88.7 km, the basin area of 510 square kilometers, throughout the academic city full domain, involving liangtanhe river main channel and lotus beach river tributaries, mainly carry out ecological environment comprehensive improvement and repair, layout of the cultural history and ecological demonstration, waterfront leisure elements, build a green ecological corridor for science city.