Witness history!The first team in the NBA to lose 11 games in a row over.500, Cher broke the defense

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The NBA regular season continued with the Nets losing to the Heat 111-115.For the Nets, Edwards had 13 points and five rebounds, Brown 11 points and five rebounds, Mills nine points, Griffin eight points and four rebounds, Thomas 22 points, Sharpe 10 points and 12 rebounds and three assists, and James Johnson nine points.For the Heat, Adebayor had 19 points, 14 rebounds and four assists, Dunlow had 17 points, four rebounds and three assists, Lowry had 13 points and six rebounds, Butler 13 points and six rebounds, Tucker 10 points and eight rebounds, Schiro 15 points and seven rebounds, Vincent 11 points, Stroos nine points and Dedmon eight points.For the Nets, durant doesn’t play, Harden is traded, and for them, the core player is an unvaccinated Kyrie Irving.Such a game, also regarded as a game led by Irving.Unfortunately, it didn’t work out so well.And irving’s personal play?Barely enough.Irving struggled through the first three quarters, making just two of his first 11 shots, but scored 20 points in the final quarter to give the lakers a chance to make a comeback.Irving finished with 29 points and five assists on 10-of-22 shooting, 3-of-8 from 3-point range and 6-of-6 free throws.Irving’s numbers looked good, his efficiency barely good, but in addition to the first three quarters of the slump, in the fourth quarter, Irving, also made a fatal turnover, he was critical moments, lowry steal, such a steal, completely ended the Nets’ chances of winning.That means, for Owen, he’s good, but not that good, even when he’s playing.And, in Irving’s case, his lack of a shot may be the reason Harden left.To this, Durant also said, it is in the past, there is no need to speculate.After all, today’s teammates are his real teammates, and Harden is a thing of the past.For Harden, there’s no time to waste.He’s also one of the big three, but the only one without a championship ring.So, his urgency is higher than the other two.Unfortunately, Owen doesn’t care.Perhaps that’s the real reason Harden left.Likewise, with another loss for the Nets, it was their 11th straight loss.”Witness history: the first team in NBA history to lose 11 straight games with a.500 record.”It was an awkward situation for Irving and the Nets.The mood also seemed sad for Cher, a Durant fan.As China’s most beautiful Du Mi, Cher said on the Internet: “Is Kang Kang watching Hu Yong?The Nets really have people in this game, and about harden trade my mood ~ “such Cher, as Durant fans, she said, give a person has broken the feeling of defense.Such a mood, as nets fans, should be empathy.The Nets, after all, feel like a broken team.Similarly, this nets team, you also seem to see any championship hope and possibility.This point, with the Lakers’ situation, seems to be similar.Witness history!The first team in the NBA to lose 11 games in a row over.500, Cher broke the defense.Such nets team, their present encounter, really a little embarrassed with helpless.For who, are very helpless.But the root of the problem was Owen’s failure to get vaccinated.