City Care Beautician in Action Herbalife invites sanitation workers to spend off-year together

2022-05-24 0 By

In order to express their care and love for the sanitation workers, volunteers of Herbalife service invited the sanitation workers around to make dumplings to celebrate the Lunar New Year on January 25. They also prepared Spring Festival couplets, “fu”, flour, masks, protective gloves and other heart-warming items to bring them the warmth and blessings of the New Year.(Herbalife service provider volunteers and sanitation workers make dumplings and celebrate the New Year.)During the Chinese New Year, herbalife volunteers and sanitation workers made dumplings and spent the lunar New Year at the Herbalife Youth Nutrition Club, which is operated by herbalife service provider. The scene was filled with cheers and festive atmosphere.Wei Liu Junxi, Wei Zixiu and Zhang Zitong, three young calligraphers from the sixth grade primary Department of the Affiliated School of Jinan University (Shun Wen), wei wrote Spring Festival scrolls and the word fu on the scene and extended Spring Festival greetings to the sanitation workers who had worked so hard for a year.(Small calligraphers write Spring Festival couplets on the spot and send New Year’s greetings to sanitation workers.) It is reported that Since 2013, Herbalife has launched the “Caring city Beautician” project.As one of the brand public welfare projects of Herbalife China, this project has been carried out for more than nine years, covering more than 600 nutrition clubs operated by Herbalife service providers in 44 cities in 20 provinces, benefiting hundreds of thousands of people.In 2019, Herbalife China “Care Urban Beautician” project provided warm services and warm care to sanitation workers through a series of activities including the establishment of “Care Urban Beautician service network”, donation of nutrition materials and first-aid training.In 2020, the project will launch the H5 mini-game “Twelve Hours in The City of Hiddleman” to publicize the concept of public welfare and environmental protection in the form of mini-game.(Herbalife Care For The City Beautician event is held in various places.) Herbalife has been actively engaged in corporate social responsibility and has partnered with world-renowned non-profit organizations to help improve nutrition in communities by providing nutrition support and education to those in need.In the future, Herbalife will continue to meet the nutritional needs of Chinese consumers, and at the same time, keep in mind to give back to the society, actively participate in social welfare undertakings, and strive to achieve a balanced development of commercial value and social value.(The volunteer of the service provider prepared flour, masks, protective gloves and other Spring Festival materials for the sanitation workers.) Guo Meiying, the volunteer of the service provider, has participated in the project of “Caring city Beautician” for many years, which has enhanced her experience and feelings.”Sanitation workers do extraordinary things in ordinary positions. They create a good life and environment for us, regardless of weather or heat, and deserve everyone’s respect,” she said.As a volunteer of Herbalife service provider, Guo Meiying has participated in various social welfare activities organized by Herbalife for 11 consecutive years. She says she has gained a lot and her life has become valuable. She hopes to make more contributions to the society through participating in various public welfare activities of Herbalife.