Ninghai County in Zhejiang province has issued a yellow alert for strong winds

2022-05-23 0 By

Ninghai County Meteorological Observatory issued yellow warning signal of gale at 13:27 on February 19, 2022: affected by cold air, chashan and Dujuan trail in our county have been 8 ~ 9 gale at present.It is expected that from this afternoon to tomorrow, there will be a level 7-9 wind in the coastal and high altitude areas of our county, and a level 6-8 northerly wind in the inland area. Please take precautions.(Source of warning information: National Warning Information Issuing Center) Legend Standard Defense Guide Strong winds may be affected within 12 hours, with average winds of force 8 or above, or gusts of force 9 or above;Or have been affected by strong winds averaging force 8 to 9, or gusts of force 9 to 10 and likely to persist.1. The government and relevant departments shall do a good job in preventing strong winds according to their duties;2. Stop outdoor activities and outdoor dangerous operations such as high altitude, and people in dangerous areas and residents of dilapidated houses should try to take shelter from the wind;3. Take positive response measures for water operations and passing ships in relevant waters to reinforce port facilities and prevent ships from anchoring, grounding and collision;4. Cut off outdoor dangerous power supply, properly place outdoor items vulnerable to strong winds, and cover building materials;Airports, expressways and other units shall take measures to ensure traffic safety, and relevant departments and units shall pay attention to the fire prevention of forests and grasslands.Source: China Weather